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21 February, 2017, 3:09 PM UTC

(when i say BGs, i mean Prizes, as i originally wrote this for the Stormfall game. But as these two games, are axactlly the sam, other than graphics and noun/names. it was on Pirates that i have perfwected this information, and the numbers are all the same. If this has allready been covered, please dont go to hard on me about it, as i am just trying to help all, better enjoy the game, and this part of it.


In this thread, i will attempt to explain exactlly how the BGs work.

When and how they pay.

How to calculate and know when a win is due.

First, I will explain how the winning of troops is calculated.

Second, I will give estimates through lvl 60, as to how much is needed in offence/defence points (the points at the bottom of the send page), to kill and or hurt to allmost dead, the BGs by lvl.

Third, I will explain what tactics I have found to be usefull, in playing it to your best advantage.

The first thing to know, is a win of troops, means you now owe the game, before another win is given.

The ammount you owe, is dependent on the resources needed to create the troops you win.

Because of this, it being based on the resources needed, Amulet, Darkened, and Imperial troops are worth less than regular troops. Yes, these other types of troops are usefull, for PvP fights, and defending your castles and attacking others. But, they do not count but a small portion as much to what you owe, as regular type troops. After winning, you now owe the game, not just the troops you have won, but also a small percentage (8-12%), that must be paid (lost as killed in BG) before another win is given.

By lvl, i will now give you the ammount of offence/defence points needed, to hurt and or kill the BGs by thier lvl.

The numbers will be presented in this way...

Lvl of the BG in question. Minimum points needed to kill it.

Remember, there is a fudge factor in play, as some troops are better against certain types of troops, so these figures are within 5-8%.

These 'points' are the offence/defence points at the bottom of the send screen. The 'points' are in disregard to the types of troops sent, and some troops fair better against certain types.

Best bet is to allmost kill it, then send a clean up to finish it, when you are ready to 'pop' it and get a fresh one. To allmost kill it, send the ammount for the level one level lower. Why I belive it is better to do it in this 2 step method, is because you will lose fewwer troops long run, though that means it takes slightly longer to pay back the debt owed from the last win. AND, you can pop the ones you want, when you want, since the new fresh ones given seem to be random in level.

8 1320

9 1580

10 2200

11 3000

12 3900

13 4750

14 6250

15 7250

16 9000

17 10000

18 12500

19 15000

20 18500

21 20950

22 22500

23 25500

24 30000

25 36000

26 40800

27 45000

28 50000

29 55500

30 65000

31 69500

32 75000

33 83800

34 91800

35 102500

36 115000

37 125000

38 132500

39 150000

40 160000

41 172250

42 180000

43 198000

44 212500

45 227500

46 235000

47 255000

48 275000

49 300000

50 330000

51 345000

52 350000

53 375000

54 400500

56 450000

57 475000

58 508500

59 525000

60 550000

Now, these numbers, will flucuate, shift, depending on the troops faces, and troops used.

Third, tactics.

If you can whittle all of your BGs down, to allmost dead. Then you pop one. You get a new one. You must then allmost kill the new one, then pop another, to get another fresh one.

Do this over and over, up to 12 a day, as that is all the fresh ones you get in a day, and doing more will put you behind, and must be made back up, to keep the cycle working.

The idea being, the troops lost knocking them to allmost dead, count twards the next win, even if you do not finish them off. When you win, you have to remember, that you must lose the equal ammount of troops (based on resources needed to build them), plus a %, before you will recieve another win.

You will never actually get ahead. You need to raid, and produce resources, and build new troops. to pay off the % the ''House'' gets. Remember that guts and glory (new highest lvl BG) also give skull runes, and these count against the total, though I have no clue, how much the game figures in resources, they are worth.

But, you can burn lower level troops (less power to food ratio) and win better (higher power to food ratio) troops. Maybe even troops lower level players who have not played as long do not have the ability to produce yet.

Remember, the game is designed to make money for the developers.

You may ''feel' you are getting ahead because of the way it is represented to you. But, you will allways need pay that small % back as well as the initial amount to win again.

Example: Slot machines. They are designed to pay 98.7% back, they live on that 1.3%. The moment you pull that handle (on newer electronic slots) or push that button, the outcome is determined. A program inside then determines how to ''Show'' it to you. meaning that only the outcome is shown as lagit, and all other ''spots'' are open to be filled with anything. This means they can make it LOOK as though ''you were so close that time for the big score''. In doing so, they make you belive you were close, when in reality, you either have won, or have not. My advice, is not to take the way it is represented to you as serious, and instead, determine your win or loss by the fact of either winning or losing.

I belive, keeping these things in mind, will help all ''play the bgs'' better.

You can use it to gain experience.

You can use it to turn lower trooops into better troops.

You can use it to win the ''whatevers'' twards the BG Global quest.

But, in the long run, you will allways need be daily active, raiding your farms, building troops, just to keep even. You will never get ahead, regardless to how it looks, how you feel, or what you belive. Trust this as fact, as it is the basis, for the game itself.

Now, concerns about making this public knowlege to all...

They may try to change or tweak the way it works now that we have figured this out. You will know when this is happening, as the game will start having glitches, likend to those we see every time they change or add something new in an update.

Remamber, when you sign up for the game, you ''sign'' an agrement, that says they are allowed to change anything they want, at any time, for any reason, and that they are not obligated to share those changes with us.

Be carefull, watch for changes.


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