Treasure Islands- General Information

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5 February, 2016, 9:55 AM UTC

Treasure Islands- General Information


As our Captains may have noticed, there is a new article in the Guidelines that is dedicated to Treasure Islands. In this post, I will provide an explanation of how these Resource sites work and give you some additional information about their purpose.

So, let’s start.




Treasure Islands are special Resource sites that hold one of several different types of Resources: Gold, Lumber, Rum, Gears, or Rubies. They also differ in size according to the player’s levels: low-level players can see only small Treasure Islands, mid-level players will see medium-sized

Treasure Islands that yield more Resources, and high-level players can fight for the

Treasure Islands with the biggest Resource reserves. This way, less experienced Captains will have a more even playing field, and will be able to engage the sites without being destroyed by experienced sea dogs.


Treasure Islands appear in the Lighthouse sporadically at different times of day. If a Treasure Island is not captured within 24 hours, it disappears from the Map.




CAPTURE. To Capture a Treasure Island, you will need Barges – special Resource collectors. You automatically have 3 Barges available to you. You can increase the number of Barges available to you, and thus the maximum amount of Treasure Islands you can capture, by using your Pearls at the Witch Doctor’s Hut (Upgrade the “Maximum Targets and Treasure Islands”). 


Important! Barges are not Units – you don’t need to send them to the Treasure Islands. They just allow you to capture more Treasure Islands.


If Shipmates or members of the same Brotherhood try to capture a Treasure Island simultaneously, the first player to reach the Treasure Island will Capture it. The Units of other Brotherhood members or Shipmates return to their Havens.


UNITS FOR TREASURE ISLAND CAPTURE. You need to send both Offensive and Defensive Units to Capture a Treasure Island. Offensive Units fight for the Treasure Island and then are automatically sent back to the Harbor if you are successful. Defensive Units remain stationed at the Treasure Island for Resource collection purposes. If the battle is lost, the remaining Units of both types report to your Haven.


ATTACK. You can also Attack Treasure Islands. To do so, you need to send offensive Units only. If you launch an Attack, you can fight against the Treasure Island owner and take out their Units stationed there, but no Resources will be collected.


SCOUTING. Standard procedure applies here! No changes from the regular Scouting mechanics.


MASSED ATTACKS. Can’t be launched on the Treasure Islands.


REINFORCEMENTS. Can be sent only to those Treasure Islands where your own Units are stationed.




RESOURCE COLLECTION RATE. It depends on the specific Discovery level. Upon the release of Treasure Islands, all the players received the new Levers an’ Axles, researched at the first level. The speed at which your defensive Units will harvest Resources is determined by the upgrade level of Levers an’ Axles Discovery at the moment the Treasure Island is captured. Thus, you need to upgrade the Discovery BEFORE capturing a Treasure Island if you want to increase Resource collection speed.


AMOUNT OF RESOURCES. It depends on the carrying capacity of the defensive Units stationed at the Treasure Island. Having collected as many Resources as their carrying capacity will allow*, the Units automatically return to the Harbor.



The Units you have stationed will automatically return to your Harbor with the goods as soon as they have fully loaded. However, you can recall the defensive Units stationed at a Treasure Island before they are the loading is complete. If you do this, they will return to your Harbor with the Resources they had managed to load, and the Treasure Island becomes vacant - that is, you will no longer occupy it and will have to Capture it again if you wish to maintain control of it.


If you want to recall only some portion of the Units stationed there, you can do so, and they will come back empty-handed, leaving the Resources collected at the Treasure Island with other Units that you didn’t recall. But if the amount of Units you want to recall would leave too few Units to carry the Resources loaded at the Treasure Island back, ALL Units stationed at that Treasure Island will return - bringing the goods collected with them.


Use this information and try out the new Treasure Islands!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

*Be advised: Although both amounts are determined by the Unit’s carrying capacity, some Resources are heavier than others - Rubies, for example. Your Units will be able to carry fewer Rubies for every bit of carrying capacity than they will Rum.

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2 May, 2016, 11:21 PM UTC

I seem to be having a problem getting the daily reward for capturing a TI. It seems i have to click on daily events, click on the daily capture tab, and then it shows the TI's and attack them from this interface, because it doesn't seem to be showing up if i just attack from my lighthouse? Any thoughts? Or is it a bug? 


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3 May, 2016, 6:13 AM UTC

no it is not a bug, this is how system works specially for quest that you are rewarded for.


when you research a discovery it ask you to train units if you go directly to pirate stronghold it will not give you reward, but if you click that quest interface & from there go to pirates stronghold(following the set sail link) than you will be rewarded.

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3 May, 2016, 3:01 PM UTC
Ok thanks
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