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23 December, 2017, 4:26 AM UTC
So I send 30 million Offense to a BH mate to do a mass attack on a Presidio.   I have a 50% Offense/defensive boost that is active.  When my BH  mate sends the mass attack is my O/D 50% boost in effect????  TY for any response.  & Merry Christmas!
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23 December, 2017, 11:58 AM UTC

Yes, it is in effect, but only for your units (i.e., it doesn't extend to him).

I'm not sure if the game would show it for him, though, because he shouldn't really be able to know which boosts you have activated. Nevertheless, the server - where all the real battle calculations are done - knows about it and should be taking it into account.

Please note that, due to how Plarium calculates these bonuses, it's not effectively 50% on top of what you have, but only 50% on top of your base strength. For example, a Marauder will get 20 points extra (50% of his base off of 40), and not 50% of what your Mars have with all the other bonuses.

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