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20 July, 2017, 1:58 PM UTC

Pirates Tides of Fortune - Pirate Bay Server

Started December 1st  2014

The first four BHs and leaders were:

Death Squadron - AetiusLastoftheRomans

Rum Raiders - HardBlood

Krewe de Mauraders - Bama

Selentis - Lord Aslan

As time went on more BHs quickly formed, within the first month. From my perspective, the 7th BH was Navy Seal Fleet, run by DeathBringer.

#8 was Death Inc - Achilles.

Way back when CRO$$BONES was originally named JPW

In the begining after the first presidio drop of January 2015 the following BHs were ranked -

Rum Raiders



Death Squadron

As time went on this had changed to the top 2 BHs to be NSF#1 and Selentis#2. If anyone remembers by all means interject. Until about May of 2015 it stayed this way with Death Squad as #4. Unfortunately being so long ago can't remember #3

By August of 2015 a coo had started to take down NSF by a multitude of BHs wanting to take down NSF for controlling the map, similar to the current state with Rual. This alliance of BHs called themselves the "Ghost Alliance" This alliance was lead by Spenpal the leader of Death Inc at the time and Margery Terrell(anyone remember which BH she lead?) This coo was quickly destroyed by DeathBringer. 

 For reasons that shouldn't be rementioned but as a forum of defiance to support. Members of NSF all changed their names to DeathBringer for about 1 week. 

Sorry Plarium - October of this year we had the infamous mail bug. Where people experienced negative mails or positive mails no matter if they deleted all their mails. But support did handle this.

One of the most formidible alliances however that has stuck is the German Alliance. 

Rankings of BHs has changed over time but top 3 stuck for quite some time with #3 changing within a years time. 

#1 NSF

#2 Selentis(later replaced by JPW)

#3 Pilgrim Slayers

Of course other things have happened during the course of the past 3 years but this post is including major events I can remember. The rest of you are welcome to add.


Sometime along the way our tournaments had also changed. Initially we had only 2 pvp every weekend only and prize tournaments during the week. BH tournaments didn't exist yet or the upgrade, presidio or bastion takedowns.

The original layout for prizes was 3 tiers you either made on of the 3 personal tiers or didn't. Prizes also hadn't exceeded lv100 for quite awhile. This concept is relatively new compared to the past. As it had been that way across all the games. 

Somewhere between Mid Spring of 2016 and Summer 2016 Bastions had appeared. Adding a new aspect to the game. Some were happy others weren't a fan. But benefits of knowledge was a plus. Around this time the unified presidios came out. Not sure how many others but personal the unified presidios wasn't something I enjoyed seeing. At this time, JPW had taken over Selentis presidios thru intimidation(this information was obtained directly from Selentis.) Around this time frame is also when Rual was gradually making their appearance. If anyone remembers they created a powerpoint of the BHs they had been taking down. The point we all noticed Rual is when they took down all JPW presidios and downgrading their bastion to lv5. The second to experience this was Pilgrim Slayers. 

Excuse me for not knowing exactly when but Rual's sisterhood was created EURU currently becoming the top BH in ranking. 

*Disclaimer - information above is based on knowledge I can remember. For those commenting please keep your posts clean*

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