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Multi-Accounts from RuAL bashes all Navy Seal Fleet presidio and SORCIVERDI got them for free

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28 May, 2017, 8:17 AM UTC

What can you do if you a weak and puny BH like SORCIVERIDI?

You ask your Russian friends from RuAL or only Shiv for help. RuAL gave SORCIVERDI maybe only the fake accounts or the method to gain an enormous army and they are doing it right now some player are just 1 month old and doing 40m in prize point in a week.

Now to the headline, the puny and weak BH SORCIVERDI is not strong enough with his few fake players to make an impact, therefore his big brother RuAL has to do it and stole all or most of their presidios. What’s the matter SORCIVERDI? Balls are not big enough or not enough fake accounts to do it yourself? What a weak and puny BH it is.

Today RuAL took all presidio from Navy Seal Fleet down and gave it as a present to the puny and weak BH SORCIVERDI, shame on you SORCIVERDI. RuAL did this before but this time with an odd number of members.

I found at least 27 member how start their career at the date of 26.08.2016 (06/26/2016) and looks nearly the same, three of them are next to each other and all of them starting to be active again, since 3-4 week they are doing prizes.

Somebody will argue, “hey easy explanation: that’s 27 drunken students who misplaced the post-it with the password and found it 4 weeks ago.

Nearly all of them are active since 3-4 weeks, they are making the prizes till 52m points and then they are ready to destroying defense.

Most of this Mutli-Account group bashed today the presidios from Navy Seal Fleet, have a look.

They are not even hiding minimum 27 members with the same date, same behavior and same look.


RuAL, EURU and SORCIVERDI has access to unlimited ships and billions of offense power for zero $ ($0) and nobody can stop them (maybe you have to wire Shiv some money to become his friend, who knows?)

My sympathy goes to all coiners who lost a ton of money today. Thank god I didn’t spent a dime for this rigged game, I’m so lucky.

Always the question: why is Plarium not doing anything? That I don’t know maybe they are not able to fix it or the make a lot of money out of it.

Can you spot this illegal activities? YES, you can. You cannot trace the hack or the bug use but you can trace the money. If a player gains in 2-4 week an offense of 50-60m and pays $0 to Plarium, then you know the player is betraying you Plarium. Plarium monitors all movement of the account and give the leader and advisor a weekly statistic of offense, defense and scouts regarding win and loss and also how many troops each player has. So Plarium you have already implemented all necessary tools you need to eliminate those phony accounts.

You can start with these 27 RuAL Accounts.

PS: all players who denies this strange behavior and defend RuAL over and over again, are in cahoots with them, so don’t bother.

PSS: I’m NOT from Navy Seal Fleet and they were NOT involved in this here. I’m just somebody who finds this game less and less attractive.

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28 May, 2017, 11:06 AM UTC

rual-euru said:

What can you do if you a weak and puny BH like I am

Thank god I didn’t spent a dime

 unlimited ships and billions of offense power for zero $ ($0)

My sympathy goes to all coiners who lost a ton of money today.

GUSTAV is that you again , should i name all your alts with coords one more time 

how you know how much others spend in the game ???
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29 May, 2017, 11:51 AM UTC

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