Wheel of fortune bad luck or normal?

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21 February, 2017, 1:14 AM UTC
I have been getting only 30% off to 40% off deals on the wheel of fortune for the past month. Is this normal? Is the problem caused by me buying stuff with money that made my deals go bad to the point where I pretend the thing does not exist. For four days straight I got expand your haven 40% off. The other days would just be like somewhere between 30% to 40% off all units which I get most of the time. I don't get improvement deals which I am looking for to buy corsair graves or any other stuff that I would buy anymore. It's just those 2 that keep on rotating back and forth, well maybe once in awhile resources but then again it's only 30%-40% off. I hear that people be getting deals like 80% off dread units, something I was looking forward to but never had it. When I first started playing the deals were good 50%-80% almost everyday but since I started using money the wheel of fortune became bad. Can anyone with insight on this who has been playing long enough to know about this show me how I can get my deals above 50%.
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21 February, 2017, 3:04 AM UTC
Normal, they will go back up when have no rubies left. That is when they fix it, mine has been stuck on -40 improvements for over 30 days now.
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21 February, 2017, 9:54 AM UTC
Its supposed be total luck. But getting the same discount for 30 days not really sure what to say on that one. Think yours is broken, mine isn't much better though I get the same 3. Sketches, Barrels, and 20% on Improvements.
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