RuAL Accounts Used And Sent To Destroyer and VeteRan BHs

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3 November, 2016, 10:44 AM UTC

RuAL Accounts Used And Sent To Destroyer and VeteRan BHs

Did the membership limit of 160 really intend for players to go through the lighthouse with an account, smash it up, dump it in another BH and then start a new account? (I have the co-ords for all of these accounts if Plarium is interested).

Please note the exceptionally low total power points of each BH, which clearly shows that nearly all of the offence points in these accounts came while they were in another BH.

Destroyer - 131k Power Points                  VeteRan - 69k Power Points

Offence Points                                            Offence Points

461k                                                           257k

440k                                                           78k

533k                                                           620k

496k                                                           223k

552k                                                           229k

173k                                                           205k

642k                                                           233k

383k                                                           376k

457k                                                           231k

231k                                                           256k

238k                                                           202k

220k                                                           546k

185k                                                           438k





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3 November, 2016, 11:07 AM UTC
Please report them to Support with their coordinates, and they will be investigated. Thank you.
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