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On the edge of quitting the game due to massive cheating and hacking

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Don Quixote
26 October, 2016, 4:21 AM UTC

you dont need to be genius to caught a cheater , diary and numbers in it wont lie and when you compare all that with credit card usage of every single suspicious player you can get perfect results -that is something what plarium can do if they want

measures- permanent bans of havens ...ip address...mac address 

if they dont .....well......many of active credit cards will become inactive ..... this with PS is just a drop which spilled the glass..... i mean who is crazy enough to buy stuff in the game after THIS !

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26 October, 2016, 4:24 AM UTC

DON QUIXOTE and BORNINTHESTORM got it right. We are paying gamers, not support.

If you think, everything is ok with obviously cheating russians without pushing that to the support directly, then we know where we stand. Why is thzis obvious? Because things are going on, that are impossible to do without cheating. Because a lot of strange things happen to happen here all of sudden. (Massive increase in 2 month old accounts all in the same Brotherhood, all highscoring the prizes, all scripting to empty and refill their ressources at the same time etc etc.)

You are going to moderate an empty bord soon, i tell ya. Well maybe some RuALs will still be here, but i bet they will lose their interest once no one is left to cheat on.

In my book, your job would be to push this as fast as possible to the higher ranked guys there. And in your book, so it seems, it is to do everything to defend Plarium for tolerating this cheating. I really have a history in gaming and never ever have i experienced such behaviour.

All competing game studios take cheating very seriously and investigate hard to eliminate such game ruining mechanism, let alone punish those, who cheat. And in this game cheating on a large scale seems to be fine and us players have to provide proof?

There is evidence and proof enough out there. Read the scores, check the account dates. DO your job and forward this to Plarium officials.

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26 October, 2016, 4:30 AM UTC

sounds more constructive. but i still dont understand what would be considered proof ?

and i pity you for the task you have to do, being mouthpiece for a company with 1000+ real employees, while their dropping it.. and i guess that what ever they pay you won't be enough to stay happy doing this. but its still more unfair for us that we have to deal with you guys here trying to get technical issues resolved, than it is for you. because we didn't choose for it and we aren't compensated

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Don Quixote
26 October, 2016, 4:30 AM UTC
Icy said:

Why don't you guys do this. Make a new thread label it whatever you want. And it can be the place you put your proof.  Consider it the place you're dropping off your evidence. Then we can take that evidence compile it and submit it to support in a single report. Then when sending into support it'll have a link back to the thread you guys created. 

My only request is you guys don't sit there commenting left and right and letting it get off topic. Its just evidence. 

Sound good or am I still missing something
like those we already started but you closed because you didnt like it what we have to say ?
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26 October, 2016, 4:50 AM UTC

What I'm asking you to do is  make a new thread. Take what you believe to be the reason they are cheating. A picture speaks a thousand words, a slight description helps a bit. Don't comment on each other.  It'll create more confusion and take away from the task.  Keep it clean and there's no reason for mods to interfere. Just stay on task. If you all work together putting all your input in one place its possible to  get to the bottom of this.   

I'm not asking you guys to be support. All I'm saying is put it in one place. Plarium is already in the process of investigating. We've said that on a previous thread.  All you guys following this request is to make things less confusing. 

This is whats happened thus far: The extortion issue already put RuAl on supports radar.  That's plain as day. Pilgrim Slayers were hammered in the afternoon US time right. Business hours for plarium 9-5 ends at roughly noon Eastern Standard Time. So while you guys are waiting for plarium blowing up their inbox no one was awake yet. They're in Ukraine. They work Mon-Fri. Its Wed morning now. In all fairness as much as I want this resolved now they really haven't had alot of time to look into this. The extortion was brought to everyone's attention Friday I believe. We all were here on the weekend they weren't
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Don Quixote
26 October, 2016, 5:07 AM UTC

can someone tell me what is wrong on this picture? 
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David hamilton
26 October, 2016, 5:50 AM UTC

I told you guys before this BH rual are hacker, they are russian and like the poste i created couple days ago about us being blackmailed.

@ community manager : this is went to far , it's your job guys to report directly to the administration and fix this.

there is no way a Bh can take down 15 presdios full of troops in 1 night.

Again this game is no longer playable.

Any new games that you may suggest guys ?
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26 October, 2016, 7:00 AM UTC
Icy said:

Let me start by saying, I'm not defending RuAl. I'm being objective. What's needed is indisputable evidence of the claims everyone is making is true. If there is even the slightest bit of what if, then your evidence isn't hard enough.

Okay the claim is they're running a script. Does anyone have proof they're running a script. Some sort of acknowledgement from RuAl  saying yes we're running a script. Yes members in a BH with the same name is fishy but all that says is they have alts. Alts are against the rules however, there's players left and right with alts. BH's have spies in other BHs. Does anyone honestly believe that spy is another player and not an alt they built up or an account that was given to them. 

  We all enjoy the bots and its obvious those are alts, but no one seems to care about those. It's just an easy raid makes our lives easier. Hell we all use a whirlpool to get closer to them. So no alts are not our problem. 

We only have 2 true issues. The extortion thats being claimed its a joke, a pretty foolish one if it was. And lets say it was real did anyone actually pay it. If you want to show proof that this was a way to get money out of players, then the ultimate proof is find the BH that actually paid it. Or this was just some player who mouthed off more than they should of. 

Second issue is the script.  Again not defending them but look at this plausibility. They coin to levels we've never seen on this map. Lets say they coined to a level that they plausibly are just because they get their rocks off by destroying players and top BHs.  We're talking about 258 accounts that are fraudulent between Rual and Destroyer based on the logic of a script. Now if they're not we have a crazy strong BH on the map that knows the game inside and out and is benefiting from it. On the POSSIBILITY they are legit then what PS got is totally fair and as much as it may blow for PS RuAl deserves their victory. 

Now to wrap this up, if you guys still without a doubt believe RuAl is full of cheaters using scripts and are finding a way to cheat the game in someway. Come back here and make sure you bombard support with evidence that says my proof cannot be disproven in any plausible way. Consider yourselves in court with your claim. Everyone wants immediate action. Fine support is the judge. My claim or yours needs to be airtight if I want my case won.

Last note that should be considered when saying they all have the same name so they're alts. Are all the whitebeards or jack sparrows alts of each other? 

Well said Icy ! 
“In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity” Sun Tsu
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26 October, 2016, 7:51 AM UTC

@ ICY :

all of this can be solved by plarium investigate all RuAl accounts : there gains and loses and money spent.

You keep asking for a concrete evidence which a normal regular person like myself can't provide...i am not a programmer or computer genius but what i know is :

Russian and Ukrainian are not that rich people to be able to spend money like that and we are talking of thousands of thousands of dollar to have 160 rich membere that spend over 8K $ at least is just not possible

A few set of player that took down 7 hard guarded bastion 2 weeks ago and after that they took down 20 Pilgrimme presdios (and they are going after NSf next) they can't possibly be fair player.

this never happened in any other plarium game not any single one of them had produced a Bh like that...except for the pirate Russian server which Rual being top there too...this.. in itself is evidence that rual are never happened in all plarium games not even on how come only rual knows how to play the game...and they only play pirates ??

You are excluding the possibility of hacker and cheater like it never happened before in other games or well protected websites..anything can be hacked with the right equipment and people.

You as a moderator is to report to community manager and she should report directly to plarium game creator or whatever.

We keep getting automatic response from support and we are not seeing any progress.

Support did banned a whole BH before a year ago it is possible as a solution.

FYI : in RuAl bh there is guy named :

armageddon 9

armageddon 11

armageddon 13

armageddon 17

armageddon 18

armageddon 21

armageddon 26

and the rest of his account are in destroyer should check it too...they have another guy named void with over 10 accounts(destroyer bh which was reported several time in the past but nothing happened)

can you explain this ??

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26 October, 2016, 10:25 AM UTC

I am not saying anyone is cheating.. 

Plarium has access to all accounts.  they can see if Rual is actually paying for what they have.

But I have not read any mod saying that Support checked and verified that Rual members paid for all that they have achieved.

That is up to Plarium to look into and verify. it is their software, their game .  

how hard is it to check out   150 or so players from one group? 

Plarium is not doing their job. if they are not verifying  that money was actually paid. 

If they are spending 1000s of dollars.  maybe you need to create different levels of games.  

Myself being on a fixed income , I can not afford to spend 1000s of dollars to fight back .

This game is supposed to be able to be played  for free.   how can you play the game for free, if you can not compete with a group like Rual?

Report back that Plarium looked into those members accounts and saw the receipts of payments by them. 

If you want to allow one team to be Dominant over all others.  you will soon lose many members.

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26 October, 2016, 10:33 AM UTC

"Russian and Ukrainian are not rich people to be able to spend money like that and we are talking of thousands of thousands of dollar here."

well, everything ...

I go selling my Ferrari, buy troops throughout the Order and took 10 more colonies!

ну все...

пойду продам свою феррари, куплю войска всему ордену и снесу еще 10 колоний!

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26 October, 2016, 10:38 AM UTC

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26 October, 2016, 11:03 AM UTC

Don Quixote said:

can someone tell me what is wrong on this picture? 

Yeah i can that SS is from the russian side of, not the english

 The guy that shared it here was trying to point out those that came over from the Russian server know how to play the game,

They play to win SO those are kills from his server
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26 October, 2016, 11:25 AM UTC
Blasphemy said:

Yeah i can that SS is from the russian side of, not the english

 The guy that shared it here was trying to point out those that came over from the Russian server know how to play the game,

They play to win SO those are kills from his server
did you notice that there is no casulity on the defender side.
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26 October, 2016, 11:42 AM UTC

One of the russians shared the link of russian plarium forum, the same screenshot among many more from that BH along with others on that server, many many SS of kills, they brag of the kills on their server so i do believe the ss above is accurate 

Everyone here keeps telling us to do our jobs and believe me we are,

everything you guys tell us we bring it back to our CM we work with, 

links are saved and sent, screen shots are taken, 

You are being heard 


I am a daughter of a High King who is not moved by this world for my God is with me and goes before me, I do not fear because im his
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26 October, 2016, 12:00 PM UTC

Its no surprise that this Rural team is a game developers take down that many presidios without taking any of them,HOW COULD PLARIUM GET AWAY WITH THIS.I spend real money like the others and its just messed up that Plarium would pull off this kind of stuff.....THANKS PLARIUM...for the time being i think ill just collect and raid for resources,stupid presidios arent worth the effort anyway....enjoy cheating  and have at it

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26 October, 2016, 12:10 PM UTC


i never ever experienced such lackluster behaviour from a gaming company before.

It is overdue that some real Plarium official is comming here to us and talking to us. It is unacceptable that you Mods are trying to act like some freshman student of law demanding "proof" from *us*,  the betrayed and cheated customers, before you are willing to forward our input and evidence to Plarium officials. This really was quite unheard before.

It is more than obvious that some large scale hacking and cheating is going on since months. The proof is there for Plarium, they only need to check the said accounts and brotherhoods:

- It takes less than 3 minutes to verify, if they really bought the rubies or cheated it. There you have your proof.

- It takes less than 3 minutes to investigate, how the hell it is possible that 3 months old accounts are able to collect all sketches and to level up all discoveries.

- It takes less than 3 minutes to realize, that those cheaters are massively creating bot accounts with the same name and a climbing number as an appedix to win the prizes by scripting. 

Most important:

It takes only 1 second to realize, that every sane person won't spend spend one single dime anymore for this game, if cheating is obviously tolerated and even defended by some wannabe "lawyer-like" behaviour. ("Give us proof"... Damn, you run the servers, you have all the information there and we pointed you in the direction.) It is in the best interest of Plarium to talk to us in person and not to defend the situation by installing some defensive and blockading Mods.

Why should someone like me put another 1000$ into this game, if other game companies treat me most respectful like the paying client, that i am and if those companies swiftly act, if there is obviously some large scale hacking going on. ANd all of that without asking me for evidence, that i can't deliver, because i do not run the serves?

I tell you, what those really skilled companies do:

- They get IMMIDIATLY a real official talking to the community in an emergency case like this one.

- They accept the information provided by dozens of honest and paying customers without asking for more "Proof". They look into this and get the "evidence" on their own, as this is their job.

- They would do everything to keep the paying players and protect them from cheaters.


Do you really don't want us to play and pay your game and instead want us to move on to support a more skilled company, that is treating their (paying) customers in a respectful way?

Plarium better stops mucking around, if they want to stay in business with "Pirates".

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26 October, 2016, 12:19 PM UTC


Your answers are amazing!

All guys on the top 10 are coiners and everybody are agree with that.

But when you tell us that you have doubts about the RUAL, it takes send evidence, and the Russians know played but not us, you're joking with us, and plarium also.

Many tickets have been done.

You say that Plarium take care, then to stop the conversation Tell us HOW plarium at tacking the problem instead of act as robots like Plarium Ticket Support. Given a ticket (that we bring evidence), have received the same message "Plarium take care of the problem" and U, both, u said the same thing looool !! TO have prove against Hacker, only one way, hacked the game

We cannot trust you if you don't tell us what you know and what Plarium replies (part can be "Plarium care" and at this time, be honest and called we you know nothing).

We do that to send evidence, tickets, and nothing changes.

If the RUAL spends € 1000 per day, per player, called the us because it's hard to understand how they can have as many off (playing all events).

But maybe all the other fraternities are void and RUAL are too strong lool

I'm really disappointed in your answers to both.

Several topic are already open and nothing changes

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26 October, 2016, 12:27 PM UTC

Dalira said:

- It takes less than 3 minutes to verify, if they really bought the rubies or cheated it. There you have your proof.

What if they really did buy all the rubies? This means it wasn't cheating, but Plarium cannot publish this info (not even to us, mods), because player's spendings are private info.

What kind of answer would you expect if this is truly the case?

Disclaimer: This is a hypothetical question. I have no idea if these guys are cheating or overspending, nor am I taking sides. As an out-of-server mod, I have no interest on either side.

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26 October, 2016, 12:38 PM UTC

Crowbar said:

Dalira said:

- It takes less than 3 minutes to verify, if they really bought the rubies or cheated it. There you have your proof.

What if they really did buy all the rubies? This means it wasn't cheating, but Plarium cannot publish this info (not even to us, mods), because player's spendings are private info.

What kind of answer would you expect if this is truly the case?

If they really bought the rubies legally and in a righteous way, then this would be at a clarification that there was no cheating involved. Then Plarium only needs to confirm, that there was no cheating involved, no further information is required. And Plarium can be happy to have 150 players each of them spending ten thousands of dollars per month. What has happened over the past weeks and especially within the last 24 hours is not to be achieved with less rubies legally without cheating. Period.

Now please forward instantly all the information we handed to you to Plarium and talk to your boss to come here and show up, Crowbar. Thanks. We do not need anymore "Mod-Talk" and "lawyer-talk", we want answers and explanations from Plarium itself.

Otherwise, and this is not a threat, it is only logic, all the nice money spend for Plarium in the last months by honest players will go somewhere else, where we are treated like customers and not like people having to proof a hundert times that they have been raped.

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