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On the edge of quitting the game due to massive cheating and hacking

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28 October, 2016, 9:18 PM UTC

shiv said:

Thats an incomplete link SHIV, we cant see what you are trying to show us here.

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28 October, 2016, 9:20 PM UTC
I fixed Shivs link should work now
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28 October, 2016, 9:25 PM UTC

Not sure why you would delete my post.  Calling someone simple minded when they have proved that to be true is hardly an offense at all.

They are allowed to use illegitimate methods to manipulate the game, then come on our thread and attempt to taunt and crow about their fictitious achievements and post things you tell them specifically not to.

This has obviously spiraled out of Plarium's control and the Russians have control over this server it seems.

Keep banning and hitting on the "LEGITIMATE" players.

Pirates has "jumped the shark"...Game Over!

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28 October, 2016, 9:27 PM UTC

I tried to talk with you adequately. But I see that it is meaningless. Who wanted to - he heard me. Let rest and continue to cry at the forum on the Russian forum, we have become accustomed to this teardrop and do not pay attention to the whiners.

Я попытался с вами пообщаться адекватно. Но вижу , что это бессмысленно. Кто захотел - тот услышал меня. Остальные пусть так и дальше плачут на форуме, на русском форуме мы уже привыкли к этим слезинкам и не обращаем на нытиков внимание.

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28 October, 2016, 9:30 PM UTC
ADAMKRAB - You are irrelevant.  Go back to your hovel.
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28 October, 2016, 9:31 PM UTC

Scrappy said:

no point in mods or that aloyna or whatever. need something from the very top in plarium to make a statement telling us exactly what they know and have done or else this game is dead, plarium cant hide forever and should be made accountable for allowing cheats which is bad enough but to completely ignore the problem for weeks when been told about it is inexcusable. what else do we expect from russians other than to cheat,its all they know when they cant win fair and square,history has shown that just look at their athletes,state sponsered cheats

There is a snowballs chance in hell thatPlarium will EVER admit their server can be hacked, that there is a backdoor somewhere or any other loopholes in their programming.

If they would admit to that, they are a*s up in the wind and they can shut everything down.

Again, i am not taking sides here and whatever RuaL found is something a lot of other people havent found. 

But in the end the blame is on Plarium if there is a backdoor/loophole/hack and not on the players.

We all know by now that the mods do NOT have a direct line to the devs, and we also all know by now that the forum is NOT the place to complain.

Furthermore we also all know that it takes a lifetime for Plarium to deal with our support tickets .... so what's wisdom here ...

Keep moaning, complaining, whining and crying that something isn't right?

Or maybe play a bit smarter, take a step back and preserve your units untl this is sorted.

We all know by now that the top BH, Pilgrim Slayers,  got wiped out by Rual.

And i honestly do NOT understand why you kept all your defenses in there, knowing you havent got a chance to defend against that.

As an example of what happened today .... you Scrappy, attacked me in my haven .... and what did you hit and what did you get?

You killed 1 (=ONE) bonnie and got 50k rum.

I can send you the rum anytime if you want/need it, but in the end i played it smart and didnt leave my defense out.

Sometimes one step back may get you 2 steps forward in the game .... 

Until Plarium figures out if and where there has been a breach, everyone has to say for themselves how much they are willing to give up if they try to fight back.

Have a nice weekend all, and happy hunting 

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