Market still stuttering

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4 January, 2018, 5:46 AM UTC

When a trade, especially sketches, is made, the Tinker reports when the galleons arrive, then repeats the report at seemingly random intervals and any refreshing of the game.

Certain repeat reports are routine; when the galleons return to port I can count on the report being repeated.

If the galleons travel at different speeds, the report of the first galleon's arrival is often repeated when the second galleon arrives at its destination.

This "feature" has been in place for years now.

This behavior truly annoys because it most often seems to occur after the fisrt (and second, etc.) reports have been deleted.
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Agent Pavel
4 January, 2018, 9:42 AM UTC

Hello, Captain!

Could you please clarify whether you receive the repeated notifications (at the bottom right corner) or exactly the Conselour report? 

For example, if you delete the report and immediately reload the game, the report will be restored. This is not a bug, but the technical пфьу feature. Deletion of the battle report does not cause synchronization. Thus if you just delete the report and do not perform any actions in the game, the game server won't recognize that the report is already deleted and will send it to you once again. 
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