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Luna Blackheart
15 July, 2017, 11:13 PM UTC

Hello. Most of you reading have heard of me. I have played on the Pirate Bay server for 2 years, stirring the seas! Now I'm ready fer new action in a new world. Meet MAKE LOVE & WAR, a new BH I created on the Golden Coast server. We are position 155 in just 2 weeks. :) 

ML&W members are to be 18 years old and up, NO EXCEPTIONS WHATSOEVER because I'll admit that I am far too inappropriate to babysit anyone's child. LOL. You must also speak and understand English, fluently. 

I pay close attention to my crew, so you will not have to worry about sitting amongst dead weight or not getting the rank you deserve. 

You may cuss and attack any BH that we don't hold Ally or Peace with. I just ask that we play as an efficient team and that we have fun no matter how the game goes. :) 

Senior players who are looking for a new team more their play style can try out being an Adviser on my team. We can grow this BH together.

I am willing to consider a merger, but I will not give up the BH I just created. 

We use Discord for extra game communication, so I will ask you to download it, but it's free and won't slow yer devices down. We can have a lot of fun there and it's useful for organizing and sharing BH information. (Please do not flood the Discord chat with nude selfies... there is a private message function fer that...) HAR HAR HAR!!!

Message me in-game, Golden Coast server. 

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