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5 LEVEL 10 Farms produce c. 1500 units of grain. but only being shown as producing 350 p.h

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2 February, 2017, 5:17 PM UTC

I have 5 level ten farms that should have an output of about 250 units of grain p.h each. TOTAL OUTPUT SHOULD BE  1250 p.h.  According to the small summary screen that shows moving bar charts of current  storage, consumption rates, and production rates my farms are only producing 350 units of grain p.h. HOW CAN THIS BE. My consumption is shown as about 950 p.h. To my way oh thinking my farms should be producing an hourly surplus  over consumption. In practice it appears that the programme is taking note of the 350p.h figure and as a consequence I cannot support the number of units  that would otherwise be the case.  COULD SOMEBODY EXPLAIN PLEASE AND THEN PERHAPS RESOLVE>

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3 February, 2017, 10:06 AM UTC
Hi! Could you please attach a screenshot of your Grain Production window here? It's really hard to answer you without seeing what's happening in your City 
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