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Capture the flag in Sparta game

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30 November, 2016, 11:17 PM UTC
If I am to understand the rules correctly, if a coalition succeeds in taking your coalition's flag you end up with negative tournament points despite losing all your troops in the capital. At least with normal attacks on capitals during PVP or downgrading capital tournaments you can earn points from your troops sacrificed even if you don't win overall. Flag capturing tournaments on the other hand leave you with heavy losses and not a single reward if you lose. Hardly a motivation for members to defend their capital in the future. On top of that if a coalition that has your flag decides to apply a debuff to your coalition then everyone in your coalition will suffer great reductions in troop strength and speed and resource production for a week and a reduction of 10% in experience for everything you do for a whole week. Just as well I'm going on vacation soon. Hardly worth the effort if everything I do is going to be diminished. Won't be worth playing Persian positions if I am going to lose 20% of my troops' strength as the losses of my troops will outweigh any gains even further than they already do. Won't be worth the effort for coalitions that wanted to try and downgrade another's capital to do so when troop strength is reduced by 20%. And it means more troop sacrifice for the daily coalition events like kill units and other Persian missions. And the same for XP missions when you are going to lose 10% of your total XP. And the reduced resource production will make it more difficult to produce enough troops in the build troops mission, especially when we are already being squeezed for resources trying to upgrade treaties above level 20. So a whole week where it is not worth playing except to login and collect daily minor rewards so as not to miss out on the big one after 90 days. Many players are already pushed to their limits staying up late trying to complete missions and earn rewards and only continue to do so because they feel ensnared by a feature of the game that is exploiting people's sense of loyalty to a coalition they have built up together. But this is really the last straw. At the end of the day our lives and health and time are worth more than a game. I am a key player in my coalition and if other members think they are going to lose people who contribute a lot to the life and progress of the coalition then it is very likely that other people will follow suit. A few die-hards might remain for a while but the coalition won't last if this happens and then the remaining members will drop out too. A game is supposed to be enjoyable with a reasonable amount of payout in rewards relative to sacrifice of time and troops but now I see nothing other than more and more losses with no rewards and for extended periods too. It's bad enough if you suffer heavy losses when there is no PVP or XP that compensates for troops lost with some drachmas or GPs, but on top of that being debuffed means that all your efforts to do anything for a whole week will become useless.
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1 December, 2016, 9:19 AM UTC

All coalitions have Flag and points when tournament starts.. Points depends on Tier in which you are..

If you save your flag you will get 1 buff .. if you finish in top10 you will get more buffs / debuffs , but if you lose wil probablybe without everything, no rewards :/
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