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25 June, 2016, 1:58 PM UTC

I been reading allot of post about regarding the changes to the prizes.

I have been told by Plarium that the banking system and the rewards are the same

and the only change is the old ‘no reward’ kills now pay out some small change

I always ask the "Community Managers" if i do not understand something

then i come on here and reply to the post,

 "as of im waiting on a reply" QUESTION WAS if the prizes have been upped a bit to make up for the random give away when hitting prizes and getting a reward, now it will only make sense to have upped the prize offense defense in that prize, they are not going to just give free troops, so you would wonder if they had done this ( and i had honestly assume such? )

When such things come to mind, i often ask the CM's about it, and most times my reply is it's a secret, that we have to figure it out,

You have a choice in this game in how to play it, we can't tell you to con't or stop that's not my job, but it is my job to try to help you as much as my ability will allow, this update to the game plarium isn't going to change it back, we either find ways around it figure out how to beat it, or quit

Me i hope you cont. it's a new puzzle of the game being thrown at us, and i hope you cont with us and help is figure out every new challenge that comes....

I know it gets discouraging and it really upsets those that throw rubies at the prizes, ( top prize players )

but just play as you want, if you find the game isn't filling the gaps as it used to then find another challenge in the game to distract you,

I hear the PvP Tournaments are the newest challenges that pays to play

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