Email glitches

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22 May, 2016, 10:03 AM UTC

so when i get 1 email..the number "2" pop out..tho it's only 1 email..and i can't find this email that i just received

i have to refresh the game again...then it's fixed...couple of my Bh members too having same glitches for some time now....any chance your gona fix this ?
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22 May, 2016, 12:16 PM UTC

Had same issues yesterday but today it is fine for me.

I believe this bug is hitting randomly and hard to trace

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23 May, 2016, 11:15 AM UTC
Our developers are aware of this issue and they are working on it. Unfortunately, Fazi is right, it's hard to trace. And it is also easy to fix by a game reload.
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