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Tired of yer nine-to-five job? This is yer chance to fill yer pockets with Rubies!

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25 February, 2016, 5:18 PM UTC

Tired of yer nine-to-five job? This is yer chance to fill yer pockets with Rubies! 

Here is the deal: 

1. Write a useful tip on how to use any Item in our game. 

2. Receive 1,000 Rubies! 

Three Captains who give the most interesting answers will receive 1,000 Rubies each! 

Make room in yer chest fer some shiny Rubies!

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25 February, 2016, 6:47 PM UTC

Full Protection :

This item was recently introduced in the pirates. As the title of it says it all. Full Protection which means your sworn enemies will not be able to perform any military related action which includes 

Scouting, Raid, Blockade & Tactical strike.

Keep in mind if you carry out any action during the protection hours you will lose it immediately. So use it only when you want to have a peaceful day. 

You can activate it on the weekend so you can party hard in real life while not worrying about your game account.

P.S: This item protects only & only your haven not your blockades, not your targets & nor your treasure islands.

Th' rougher th' seven seas, th' smoother we sail. Ahoy! ahead ye coward
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25 February, 2016, 9:56 PM UTC

Just remember,  in your haven is always love in the air - if you buy a blowfish bouquet you will get + 15, if you buy the patient suitor you will get +20 haven Defense Bonus.

So, a little improvement for your haven, a big for your soul  

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25 February, 2016, 10:30 PM UTC

daggers - use them for raiding resources, not for attacking other players, because they are weak with only 100 offense/defense pts. They can carry huge loads of resources and can travel really fast. Use with caution though, since they are weak, use them only on open / free bots or those with max 1 bonnie only. Treat them with care as they are quite expensive.

dread units - use them with the supporting units. sending unsupported dreads, or only partially supported ones, is a huge waste, since their main purpose is to provide bonus points to your units' off / def force points.
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25 February, 2016, 11:11 PM UTC
When going to Treasure Islands, I like to use Buccaneers for offense and Grenadiers for defense. Their speed is equal and the units are cheaper / quicker to build. Raid capacity is more on ships, but not worth the cost.
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26 February, 2016, 4:25 AM UTC
Besides using Relics, which can give you an  edge over your opponents, I like using the 20% Defense and Offense Enhancers for Prize Hunts. They are sort of like a vitamin or keep well pill. They are worth the cost by keeping 20% of my units out of the Infirmary.
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26 February, 2016, 6:10 PM UTC
My fav is the Auto Crew Hider! Turn it on during pvp tourny's and you won't loose any hard earned units because humans need to sleep and work
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10 March, 2016, 3:55 AM UTC

Ooo, goody! 

I have quite a few tips and tricks, I do. 

I'll be nice, I'll be giving, and share a few with you. 

But don't be thinkin' to use my own advice against me,

Or I'll sink yer fleet and men to the bottom o' the sea!

  1. Fortifications - Did you know? Tactical attacks BYPASS your Fortifications! AmberDragon and I have had a little fun testing this theory out. My Haven Defense has over 16,300 DEF points. One Fireship inflicts 12,600 points of damage, as it states, "on a one-to-one damage ratio". One FS shouldn't be able to get past my walls to get anything inside my Haven, or at least that is the way most of us would think it, yeah? Well, it went went through, knocked me Haven Guards, Royal Cannon, and all 45 Bonnies and 15 Skirms. (I could be wrong with this battle calc, but...) What good did my Level 4 Fortifications do me? BUT, they sure do look good around my gorgeous Haven! >:) So, if you're looking for that special something to add to your Haven, something that'll bring all the sexxie pirates out there to your Beach Parties, but also let's outsiders know you mean business, you better get yourself a nice set of Fortifications, Mate! The way a haven looks can tell you alot about the player. Fortifications... to show dedication and to intimidate!
  2. Scout Protection - These are mostly used in combination with "The Trap", which is where multiple players will dump Defense into one Haven and wait for their opponent to hit it, usually sinking the opponents units to the ocean floor. You can try this method, but don't fall for it, yourself! I never hit a Haven with a Scout Protector up. Nope...
  3. Experience Booster - Use these during Experience Hunts, and get busy! ;) Also very handy during PvP, with OFF/DEF Boosters, like very, very handy. In fact, these are extra handy during alot of tournies!
  4. Auto Crew Hiders - This is something I do not go without during Challenges and War. ;) I can't be around to secure me Harbor ALL the time, so when I slumber in me Captain's Quarter's I throw these up. Also very handy for when you've peeved another player 'cause you've liberated hundreds of their blockades. LOL
  5. Nautical Charts & Whirlpools - Wanna put the fear in your enemy from across the map? Launch an attack and whip a bunch of Nautical Charts to land your attack in less time than it takes a FS to say BOOM! Too expensive to continuously whip multiple Nautical Charts into your attacks? Why don't ya just whirl yourself right in next to your enemy, create mayhem and destruction for a while, then whirl away! :) I didn't achieve 60-80 attacks per Holiday Tournies, sailing at average speed, from one point on the map.

I have so many things I could share, but I've certainly given enough info for the day. :D

Besides, the real good stuff, I need to keep between me and me core-crew. 

⚔ Adrenalize Me ⚔
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10 March, 2016, 7:47 AM UTC

So for all new players their is a wisper in the sea and that wisper is Idols(no not the *Place Inappropriate Name Here* kind of girls/guys your son/daughter watches on TV when your not home or not paying attention).  Idols is a type of in game currency that you never ever see, like you think you job is bad?  You should try working to earn these things legit.  Idols can buy you some amazing in game content, to check how much Idols you have and what they can buy you go to your smugglers den and then click on the Idols tab(its this tanish tiki looking mask).  You will see a list of things you can buy with your Idols.  Anyways you can purchase things like the decoy hider which if someone scouts you it will duplicate your units in a attempt to scare them off, or encourage the player scouting you to attack you more often.  You could also buy a increase of the resources you galleons can transport(highly recommend that), and finally you could buy full protection(which does exactly what it says it protects you fully from any attacks on you haven). 

*Note the passage above is strictly to grab your attention and make you laugh, I mean no disrespect to anyone including Plarium I just hope I made you giggle a little bit and you won't take anything to heart(especially if its my heart) now lets get serious*

Idols are a bit hard to come by but can be earned in basically any type of tournament including Player Verse Player and Prize Ransacking. 

Idols also allow you to buy certain sketches that allow you to research certain discovery such as:

1. Code of Honor allows you to produce a very nasty offensive unit called a duelists(my personal favorite unit)

2. Optics allows you to research the gunslinger a nice defensive unit

3. Electroplating allows you to build aquanaut a very good defensive unit(highly recommend it) 

4. Projectile Motion allows you to build the Mitrailleuse(a incredible offensive unit)

You need Idols to buy each of the sketches required to research these discovery's.  In short Idols are astoundingly useful, they grant you everything from protecting your haven, deceiving you foes, and allowing you to build units but as a result they are not so easy to come by but they have to be like that in order to make the game fair and they more than make up for it by the incredible potential they give to you. 

In final I hope that I make you giggle, gave you a couple good tips, and hopefully you learned something. So if you enjoyed it and it was educational give us a like and a laugh eh? Thank you. 

Leonard Johnson
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12 March, 2016, 11:29 PM UTC

The trick isn't to a single unit its combining them to work together to get the most use out of them. 

For the pvp hunter:

Activate a Offense Enhancer whether it be a 10% or 20%. The more the better. Followed by a prestige activator whether it be 30 mins or 30 days but you should keep it going for the amount of time you intend to find your prey.Remember prestige doesn't just give you a pretty crown. It also gives your units a power and speed boost. Level 9 & 10  prestige for instance gives you a 5% offense and defense boost. So will ye be choosing 15 or 25% power boost to ye troops this battle. Add a few nautical charts in and ye enemies never see ye coming.
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15 March, 2016, 2:09 PM UTC
I like the expierence boost and the offensive boosts I use them on persidios to help kick butt when pvp events are active.
John Your Friendly Moderator
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15 March, 2016, 7:59 PM UTC

Your troops don't fight among themselves (a bit weird for pirates, I know). So, for example...

Got a block that's not very close to you, but also has too small production to share it? How do you raid it? Liberate, send raid, and hope no one storms in while your new blocking party is en route?

You can do the following:

  1. Send a single Bonnie reinforcement (or whatever you usually block that haven with).
  2. Seconds before the Bonnie arrives, release the block, send a Daggers raid, followed by a single Dagger block.
  3. The raid won't touch the reinforcing Bonnie. The block will turn her from reinf. to a blocking party.
  4. Recall the Dagg as soon as the block hits, so it returns to your haven soon after the raiding party. The Bonnie will remain blocking.

Unless you feel like wasting charts on these raids, this is the shortest time you have to leave the block open in order to raid it completely by your lonesome (one-way travel time of Daggers).

Note: If the block has active shipmates, haven guards and/or DCs can pop-up under the block and cost you a Dagger or even a few. If that happens, don't use this with that block anymore.

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17 March, 2016, 7:17 PM UTC

I have a tip for 30 min prestige activators. You are getting one of those every few days, so you probably have a lot of them. They can be used for PvP or for prizes, but they are also great to boost your raids, to increase number of resources you raid from Bots.

Usually, I send 8-9 raids to Bots at the same time, and try to group them so they all hit Bots within max 30 min. Just 1 min before first one hits, turn on 30 min prestige, and your galleon capacity will increase, so you can boost more all your raids. You can't do this each day, but it's great when you need resources, or wanna help your BH to complete BHA, or to get to Terible ten in raids. Don't forget that by turning prestige on you'll get few more daily quests, so try to finish as much as you can within 30 min. Leave the highest lvl quest for end, and click on it just before the end of 30 min period. Next time you turn on 30 min prestige, you just need to collect that quest. 

Hope you'll find it useful 



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25 March, 2016, 2:57 PM UTC

Thank ye, Pirates for yer useful tips! Argghhh! Shiver me timbers we have got three winners here!




Well done, ye Maties!

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