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New: Progress Packs

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New: Progress Packs

New: Progress Packs
Develop your Haven and win at Prizes for Rewards!

Ahoy Captain,

New Packs are now available to you - Progress Packs! You can find them through the corresponding offer icon on the right side of the main game interface.

There are two types of Packs:

1. Prize Progress Packs:

These Packs will grant you Rewards when you win at Prizes of certain Levels or above. Winning at Prizes will also allow you to claim Rewards for Levels lower than that Prize in the Progress Pack.

Note that any progress you made with Prizes BEFORE the Pack launched will not count.

2. Haven Progress Packs:

These Packs allow you to claim Rewards when your Haven reaches the indicated Levels. Rewards for Levels you reach before you purchase a Pack will be granted to you as soon as you purchase the Pack.

Progress Packs will not expire, so once you purchase a Pack, you can take as long as you like to claim the Rewards. However, each Pack can only be purchased once.

Now get out there and conquer the high seas!

Piratically yers,
Captain Anne "Bonnie" O'Malley

Jul 19, 2021, 14:1507/19/21