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22 November, 2016, 1:41 PM UTC

HI. I'm not sure if I know the proper procedure for changing from my present BH to another. Over the past week, I've sent several inquiries to several BH's asking about joining. I haven't received a reply, yea or nay. 

Could this be because I have to leave my present BH before being considered for another? Is it because I've inquired from Bh's that are allied to my BH, and the leaders don't want to upset that relationship?

My reasons for desiring a change are personal and professional(?). Game wise, I'd like to learn different operational/organizational theories, and tactical procedures. I'd like to learn the game from other perspectives. 

If you have any advice, or theories of you own, please comment. Thank you.
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23 November, 2016, 8:20 AM UTC

Talk to the leader or an advisor in the BH that you want to join. Many will ignore "requests for joining" before you talking to them, especially if you're already in a BH.

I changed my BH like that about 3 years ago and you can get (or, you could then) an invitation before leaving your current BH.
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25 November, 2016, 6:04 PM UTC

Greetings Anonymous

 I am an advisor to Tre Kronor BH 

Our policy there is to not accept applications from players currently in another BH 

I will scrawl the player a message asking why they have applied to join But they will not be accepted until they are no longer with a BH

Some BH's get quite angry if they think you are trying to recruit their members Rightfully so

By the way we are currently looking for active and regular players in our BH 

Drop me a scrawl 

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