For The Swift And Deadly...

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31 July, 2016, 4:44 AM UTC

What is it like in the top Brotherhoods?

Ask yourself this... if you have more, do you have more to lose?

Aye! Darn right ye do!

This makes those big BH's with multiple territories rather tame,

and that's quite suitable for a lot of folk,

but what if that's not the way you like to play?

Lucky for you there are a few aggressive BH's,

Ones that WANT to go to war, that WANT to challenge other crews...

Yes, there's the Rat Basterds, led by yours truly, Luna Blackheart.

We are an elite team. I carefully select my crew,

looking for fast growing, coiners who's dairies show they battle.

We're small in numbers, massive in impact.

And we love to have fun, we are a social crew.

We help each other out, train new players, and have a wonderful vault of sketches.

Most of my crew have Pirate Legend medals!


- Fluent in English

- 18+ Years of Age. NO EXCEPTIONS!

- Must have at least 18 hours per week to dedicate to the game

- Must NOT be a complainer

- Must be aggressive

- Must have strong goals

- Must contribute to BH Adventures and Achievements

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