Children of the Sea NOW RECRUITING

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19 June, 2016, 7:08 AM UTC

The Children of the Sea brotherhood is currently recruiting experienced, active players .

Our main goal is to have fun while online, get your frustrations out by attacking ,while having a great gaming experience.

We have made a name for ourselves already, but in going forward need a little help.
We will offer to you :
Any assistance you need, protection, and teaching you everything about the game
We are a friendly Brotherhood, we do not put up with drama, period. We just like having fun.

We are seeking the following :

Active members

Players that communicate, that don't lurk around in the background

New or veteran players are welcomed

Members that respect all players

Players who like to engage in all Events and Tournaments


To apply just contact the leader Linda -304; 745 or Wombat -370; 776, my top advisor.

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