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Busted Knuckles

Busted Knuckles

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Jan 27, 2020, 19:5801/27/20

Busted Knuckles

Independent Players in a Group dynamic.

Rules are as follows: (golden coast server)

We do not Reserve Blocks (inactive havens without a BH flag)

We do not Reserve Light House areas

We will not attack other BH's Membership, Presidios, or Bastions unless that BH is attacking our Membership, Bastion, or Presidio.

If you want a relaxed game of parrots and diplomatic bondage this is the WRONG BROTHERHOOD for you.  This is not a farmers BH.  it is a BH of Pirates.  We had a long history of diplomacy.  Farmville failed.  We took the broken plowshares  and made whatever weapons we could of the rusty jagged edges.  Feel free to come laugh beside us.


Busted Knuckles aims to help draw a distinct line in Pirates Tides of Fortune as to what should be a BH War and what should be an Individual Competition.  Welcome aboard now fight fer ye life ye scurvy sot!

Current Enemy BH's: (not everyone will accept enemy status so we've posted it here)

  1. Typhoon Class
  2. Moin-Moin
  3. Pheonix
  4. Lion's Heart
  5. Lion's Heart II
  6. Lions Heart 2
  7. Almighty
  8. Te Aito Nui
  9. Seven Seas
  10. Taki taki
  11. Gryphon
  12. Deutsche Flotte
  13. Blockbusters
  14. Rule Britiania
  15. Lions Rebellion
  16. League of Shadows
  17. Nasty Boys and Girls
  18. Was Geht Ab
  19. Schwarze Perle

(feel free to target them on all levels if you desire.  I won't force you but they might)  harrrrrr!

NEW PLAYERS:  The best advice I can give you is communication.  Use it.  Learn the game.  Get over your cannon vanity or fears of being raided and blockaded.  I'll do my best to help you grow and teach you how to rig ye masts if ye ask me how.  If ye be hellbent on being a Busted Knuckle ye might want to consider maxing out yer harbor to protect ye precious.  Oh and send a parrot if you apply.  It might get ye noticed in between the cries of the damned.

Busted Knuckles  Forever Busted!