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Implemented Suggestions

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13 May, 2016, 1:51 PM UTC

Lord Marshalls, welcome to the thread where we list the improvements suggested by our valued community that were introduced to the game.

Please read this thread before posting your own suggestion.

1. Stashes. Many players asked to remove the 1-hour limit on collecting Resources from Settlements. Besides, players were unable to collect Resources since high-level players were controlling all the Settlements; sometimes an entire Clan would be defending one Settlement.

The developers redesigned the concept altogether: they removed the 1-hour limit, divided players into several groups according to their level, and removed the possibility to reinforce Stashes.

2. The possibility to apply several Resource packs at once. Currently, our developers are considering the idea of making it possible to apply all Runes with one click.

3. An increased amount of Elixir that can be gained at an Obelisk. From now on, players get triple the amount of Elixir on all Obelisks to speed up the process of infusing Units.

4. Improvements in the PvE Tournament mechanics. Now you receive points for Ice Queen's Units you have extinguished, not for the Battlegrounds you have destroyed. Many high-level players have asked for this improvement because high-level Battlegrounds require too many Units and can be completed only in a few days or even weeks.

5. Add a boost to travel time to Stashes to Fireborn bonuses.

6. More Tournaments. Now players can take part in up to 7 Tournaments on their list, whereas previously they could only participate in 3 . Many players did not receive points because they had 3 uncompleted Tournaments. You asked to fix this issue, and we did.

7. Remove the option to filter by distance in the Battle Menu. Our players have noticed that the travel time to Battlegrounds has been reduced, but the useless option still remained. We have removed it.

8. Add the possibility to apply all the rewards for Clan Missions, Fireborn status Items, and several boosts at the same time with just one click.


9. Combining Runes. We made a major change to how you combine Runes. From now on, instead of having to combine each pair of Runes one by one, you can combine all similar pairs of Runes in a single action. To do this, simply go to the Rune Temple, find the “Combining Room” tab, and select Runes to combine. If you have multiple Runes of the same type, you will be prompted to combine either two or all of them.

10. From now on, you can copy the messages sent and received directly from the in-game Chat.

11.  If you have been using Chat in the game, but have not performed any other in-game actions for more than 5 minutes, the game will no longer time-out.


12. From now on, Reports on attacks you launched against Battlegrounds will include not just information on how many enemy Units you destroyed, but also how many enemy Units in total were at the Battleground to begin with.

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