Harvest Feast XP Extravaganza!

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21 November, 2016, 12:10 PM UTC

Harvest Feast XP Extravaganza!

This one's a win-win, Lord Marshal! Explore Shingård and gain Experience for in-game tasks. You can earn your Experience Points however you like. Make some undead orcs cry on the battlefield, pimp out your Stronghold or do some networking and negotiate some Blood Pacts! Basically, just do what you've been doing - as much as possible - and get prizes for it. You'll receive one Tournament Point per Experience Point gained while the Tournament is active. As you rack up XP, and songs about your awesomeness reach the farthest corners of Shingård, your rewards will increase!

One caveat: Experience Points from claiming Daily Offerings don't count in this Tournament.

If your Clan earns a position in the top of the Rankings, all participating Clan Members will be granted additional prizes upon the completion of the Tournament! Sounds like something to aspire to!

This Tournament is intended for Clans only. Upon completion of the Tournament, a Clan Reward shall be granted to all participating Clan Members. The more points your Clan earns collectively, the greater the prize! Do your best soothsayer impression and convince your Clan Members to contribute to get the most out of this Tournament!

Leave a comment if you are proud of your Clan!

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