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2 December, 2017, 5:23 AM UTC

greetings, i have come across an issue myself with  the new update.  I raided for resources during the update, and only received 400k of resources.  I am currently reading at 2.4 milliong but am supposed to be at 2.5 million.  here are some screenshots to help you.  FYI I didn't get raided so i don't understand how i'm already at 500k for the day  but not in the ranks.

this has happened in the past during updates, but i'm hearing from other clan members that there's a lot of bugs after this most recent update.  Stuck ques, resources missing, screens freezing and locking up, and or issues logging in.  This is a great game to play but its disheartening seeing all the issues.
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4 December, 2017, 10:34 AM UTC


There are no bugs related to raid rankings. Your ranking depends on the number of resources you receive from a raid, and on the resources, you lose after a raid on your Stronghold. 

I have moved your topic to Game Discussion thread.

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