Do you have a war Tiger in you? Join the Golden Tiger Clans!

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1 March, 2016, 4:02 AM UTC

We cater for all types of players, everyday players or weekend warriors!

The Golden Tiger Clan is a clan full of active members that get on daily and do their part for the clan, level 25 and over preferred with some room for trainees under level 25. Players here are asked to notify the Chief if an absence from the game will be more than 5 consecutive days as afte5 days rank will be dropped to the lowest and after 7 days expulsion from the clan will occur due to inactivity. We are a friendly family here all willing to assist in learning the game and growing each other.

Golden Tiger 2 Clan is our clan for those players that can't play everyday but enjoy the game when they can, a couple of days a week or so. We help train and assist in learning the game with ample room for new members level 5 and above. When you reach level 40 and there are position available in GTC they will be offered to GT2 members.

Both Clan work together when needed in offensives we are a family.

If you are interested or have any question just send me a message.

Regards Chief Bartman

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