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26 November, 2015, 10:46 PM UTC


There was a legend, that said, that one day, a warrior from the north came alone in a strong orcs village, then the warrior fight against their chief so hard than one of the orc chief leg was thrown very high in the sky, so high, so high - every people, even the chief take time to look how high the leg goes - than it reach the stars. It was the legend of Star Leg. 

Star Leg is a clan of braves warriors, who fight orcs, dragons, zombies, things like that... it's open to everyone, if there's some place, speaking french or english. 


Rules number one : you can do everything, as long as it's fair, fun and in agreement with the rules.

Rules number two : the rules are important.

Rules number three : don't forget the rules. 

Hall of fame

There was a time, where heroes fight for the clan in missions and tournaments with amazing and incredible strength, and reach the top place. 

Clan tournament champions

1. Nayawa (x2), Jetutout (x4)

2. UnikornKiller (x1), Pawpiette (x1), Mystiker (undisputed missions clan champion), Zaphyra (x1), Lomsi (x1)

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