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2 November, 2015, 4:44 PM UTC

You are an Experiment Gamer in games like World of warcraft,Diablo2 ,League of legends,Call of duty ,Guildwars and a lot more but its ur first time u play Strategy Browser games? then this is your house!  Come here and lets have fun meanwhile we grow step by step.
Experiment plarium games or not u are welcome.
Spanish/English lenguage clan looking for active players who want to get stronger day by day even not having tons of Off/deffensive troops power but working hard!.
Warcrafters busca miembros es un nuevo clan Español/ingles , eres nuevo en los juegos de navegador pero vienes de otros juegos y tienes ganas de sangre, quizá este sea tu sitio.
Remember warcrafters for people Thirsty of blood !

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