Looking for a clan... I guess this is the right place...

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6 October, 2015, 7:02 AM UTC

Hello there people of the North :)

 In the first place, I would like to say hi, as I have just come here and consider myself a newbie (4 days and counting - lvl. 37). I have posted the same message inside some other topic, to avoid cluttering, but as it is not the most active forum I have ever seen, I thought I should move it here...

Secondly, although I am not much of a community-oriented player, I am considering getting into the whole clan business :) Provided, obviously, that any group finds me a welcome addition. This seemed the right place to begin, and so, here I am :) I suppose a few words about me would be in order:

- I am not a competitive, warmongering, basement-occupying gamer, but rather a casual one with no anger issues driven by virtual conflicts.

- Nevertheless, I do like some level of involvement and if you do not require fanatic dedication because "24 hour operation is important to you", I may be of some use for other clan members.

- I like speaking English and treat it as an exercise, so you may expect at least a basic level of communicativeness on my part (and hold me accountable for any errors ;) )   

- Although not a fan of social media, I do entertain a casual chat, so I would look forward to some fun discussions among clan members, and not necessarily game-related ones...

- I have never treated any game as a matter of life and death... If I have to work 24 hours straight without going on-line and lose some points, tough luck; if I have to go away for some time and leave my city dormant for a day or two, so be it... And I consider informing other clan members about the fact a sign of being polite instead of clinging to some clan-rules-of-conduct written in virtual blood or engraved in a pixelated stone... In all seriousness, it is supposed to be fun and not another obligation - next to paying the rent and walking the dog.

- I have solemnly sworn to myself long time ago, that I would not pay real money to buy fake money - including green crystals :)

- I prefer small and cosy groups instead of huge communities where the only thing between you and other members is a common banner... I like being able to memorise all clan members' names :)

I guess that is pretty much it... Any prospects? :)

I will gladly answer if questions arise :)

P.S. I would suggest creating and pinning a general topic for people looking for clans... a sort of a message board for people like me, wanting to leave an in-game curriculum vitae for others to see :)

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