Double Charged Again

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10 August, 2016, 5:34 AM UTC


I see why Plarium stopped offering South Africa as a country option - small 2 dollar payments no problem, but as soon as I get a Special, my bank goes nuts. The original charge goes thru and I get my stuff quick quick.

BUT - then the payment sits 'pending' for 2 weeks and then gets charged again! But because I ensured I only had exactly enough money for the original payment it is now saying that Plarium will charge this amount again in the future ! I'm going into the bank to see WTF but this same thing happened last time I bought a special except I was stupid enough to leave money in my account and it came off twice then too.

What the Hell.

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10 August, 2016, 8:12 AM UTC

Sorry to inform you but here on forums we can't do anything about it.

Contact plarium support & they will solve the matter ASAP.

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10 August, 2016, 9:30 AM UTC

Hi, Natasja Worp!

We did not remove South African currency from payment options. But it is now available only for players from South Africa. If you are in another country, it won't be available for you. If your IP address is South-African, and you still can't find your currency in payment options, we will fix it soon.

You can check your IP here:

Plarium Community Manager. Please note that I will be unable to respond to your private messages, review your tickets, or check your account information. All technical issues should be directed to our Support Team at
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