What happened to Chiefs ability to send DEF home from OBs?

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3 July, 2016, 10:12 AM UTC

Long time ago, Chiefs used to have the ability to send players defense home (directly to their catacombs) from the OBs ...we still have this ability for offensive units, however we no longer are able to do this for DEF...

The reason i ask, is sometimes we have to trade or move OBs and some players may be on vacation and the only way to move/trade obs is to have another clan come in an kill their troops or boot them from the clan (which most never return) ...

Our clan has been going for a lot of achievements lately which involves numerous OB moves and i can say im not too happy about having to kill off DEF just to trade an OB ... i believe the chief should be able to send troops home as needed.

All of the people we booted to clear OBs have had their def wiped out since they were sitting in their castles (and not sent directly to catacombs).. when they logged in they simply said, "nope not rebuilding" and quit the game.

This is why we will no longer boot those on vacation who have ob def.. we are trying to keep people engaged in the game.

PLEASE GIVE CHIEFS the ability to send players DEF directly back to catacombs so we dont have people quitting the game and needlessly losing DEF.
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3 July, 2016, 4:02 PM UTC

Never knew that chiefs had ability in nords to send either kind of troops back. But we do not have any in other games. 

So what i think they made it just like other games with no ability to do so.

Though it has been suggested multiple times and last reply from our CM was that they will forward it to developers.

I will ask her again and will post here
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6 July, 2016, 12:50 PM UTC
This was only enable during the limited defender option when you could only have 7 defenders at the most.  You could send one Defender home and replace it with another.  They took this away when clan defense was allowed again.
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