Non Clan member accessing in game Chat

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8 June, 2016, 1:07 AM UTC

I have had an issue this morning where an member from another clan accessed the in game chat for the clan, How is this possible. Must be a Bug or a hack.

I have a screenshot but cannot insert it into this document - it shows exactly what the problem is.

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8 June, 2016, 7:36 AM UTC

upload image to some image sharing site such as

additionally maybe your academy is open and the player joined alliance (worm) and than left after the messages he sent.

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9 June, 2016, 2:20 AM UTC
As Fazi has said he was probley and most certainly from another clan when he joined yours there is a period of time before the clan tag changes...
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9 June, 2016, 1:11 PM UTC
ive seen this happen more then once just the gaming lagging  is all, he was in fact in your clan, just the tag hadn't changed...
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