New Item Available At The Black Market! Make Your Stronghold Mightier!

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17 March, 2016, 5:53 PM UTC

A message from his bardiness

Lord Marshal!

The eleven elven elders have gifted us with a new Item that will make conquering Shingård easier than ever before!

Take a look!

The Stronghold Defense: this Item temporarily increases the Defense Bonus of your Stronghold by a certain percentage. If the current level of your Stronghold Defense is 0, this Item will be ineffective. In this case, you must first boost your Stronghold Defense by building Fortifications and Statues, or hiring Stronghold Guards! These, combined with the Stronghold Defense boosts, will provide you with a defense that will leave even your most determined enemies unable to penetrate your Stronghold - regardless of how much ale they've drunk!

Stay where you are – his Royalness King Björn the Diligent and Daring is working day and night (albeit, mostly in his ale-fueled dreams) to bring you the latest advances in Shingårdian technology, so more nordic survival gear is sure to be available soon!


Bard to his Awesomeness King Björn, the Mighty and Hairy Chested

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