Earn Tournament Points for Undead Destroyed!

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2 March, 2016, 11:50 AM UTC

Lord Marshal! 

The Ice Queen's Cold Legions are wreaking havoc across Shingård! Despite your skill and Ale drinking abilities, it appears that there is no stopping these legions of undead from springing up like rabbits across the north!

Thankfully, a new Reward system has been implemented for these Tournaments. From now on, Lord Marshals will get Tournament Points for EACH and every undead Unit taken out at a Battleground during Battleground Carnage Tournaments! This means that no Lord Marshal will return from a Battleground unsatisfied, even if they don't manage to conquer the Battleground before the Tournament ends. A word of warning: stronger undead Units are worth more Tournament Points than weaker ones.

Fight onwards and upwards in your quest to rid Battlegrounds of these rotting (and quite smelly) creatures!


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