New Items Now Available At The Black Market!

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27 November, 2015, 8:48 AM UTC

New Items Now Available At The Black Market!

Use Them To Gain An Advantage In Warfare!

Check it out, Lord Marshals!

Lord Marshal!

To make your quest to rule Shingård easier than ever before, King Björn has announced the release of the following incredible new Items!

  • Offense and Defense Enhancers. If your army is just not quite strong enough to get rid of a pesky foe once and for all, Enhancers are the Item for you! These powerful brews will temporarily improve the Offensive or Defensive combat statistics of all your Units! Like all good things, they don’t last forever, so keep an eye on them after activation from the "My Items" window in the lower left corner of your screen.
  • Fresh Eyes. Use this Item to get fresh, well-rested replacement lookouts in the Orcish Dirigible, and thus discover a whole new set of Offensive and Defensive Battlegrounds! Remember: you can only use this Item once per day, and you can't have more than 12 Battlegrounds at any point in time.

Keep your eye on the prize, Lord Marshal – new advances are always being made up in the Frozen North, and innovative new bone-crushing items are sure to be made available soon!


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28 November, 2015, 2:03 PM UTC
The announcement says "discover a whole new set" which implies all 12 will be replaced, while the item description says "replenish", which would refill the empty spots only.  There is a HUGE difference here...  Which is correct? 
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