ATTENTION! The Cold Legions are preparing to attack Obelisks!

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19 November, 2015, 10:14 AM UTC

ATTENTION! The Cold Legions are preparing to attack Obelisks!

Lock Down the Obelisks and Earn Elixir!

Alright, hot stuff! So I’ve heard you’ve already sent out a few Offensive Units and captured Obelisks all over Shingård. That’s surprisingly good work. Not Björn-good, but not bad.

But guess what? My best Drakling Scouts are reporting from, um, somewhere nearby, that they have spied thousands of armies of Cold Legions preparing for battle. Looks like they’re readying up to attack Obelisks!

My army has no time for losers, so PREPARE for battle!

Here’s some advice on what to do, straight from Björn’s Guide to Pro Heroing, first edition:

- When you have captured an Obelisk with Offensive Units, switch them out for Defensive Units as soon as you can. They will protect it from Cold Legions - and from other Lord Marshals.

- Update your Blood Pacts! Take a look at the Blood Pact with Highcliff – it increases your maximum Force Limit.

- Upgrade your Obelisk. The higher the level of your Obelisk, the more Clan Members will be able to send Reinforcements to protect it from all those who want to take a piece of it. If you want your Obelisk to be stolen as quickly as Grandma’s Seal Pie, then don’t bother upgrading them.

- Keep an eye on your Clan Members – and try your hand at a bit of strategy! Who will defend your Obelisk? Who will upgrade it? Who will capture other Obelisks? You have to be wise to do well in this Kingdom – just look at me.

Now for the good stuff – rewards!

Each time you succeed in repelling Cold Legion attacks, your Clan will be rewarded with great amounts of Elixir! Much like the sight of my heroic jawline, this new Resource can be used to grant "Infused" status to your Units. Infused Units are more experienced and effective than normal Units, as well as providing a boost to your Offensive and Defensive statistics. They consume less Fire Ale too… leaving more for you and me.

Enough talk, Lord Marshals! Work together with your Clan and establish your dominance over Shingård. Only those Clans strong enough to withstand the full brunt of the Ice Queen’s forces will be able to receive the greatest rewards from King Björn the Mighty!

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