Introducing Champion Packs!

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8 October, 2015, 10:34 AM UTC

Get Keys and Chests together today!

Lord Marshal!

In his infinite wisdom King Björn has come up with a way of giving you an opportunity to acquire new Items! How? Simply by getting Champion Packs at the Black Market and from the Champion Panel!

But not all Champion Packs are alike!

Champion Packs: Northman Quality. Contain Northman Chests and Northman Keys

Champion Packs: Orc Quality. Contain Orcish Chests and Orcish Keys

Champion Packs: Elf Quality. Contain Elven Chests and Elven Keys

Champion Packs: Dragon Quality. Contain Dragon Chests and Dragon Keys

Be aware, Lord Marshal, that Packs will only be available to you if you have signed the Blood Pact with the relevant Unit type. For example, signing the pact with Blackrock enables you to get the Pack for Northmen, the pact with Reeking Swamp the Pack for Orcs, etc.

There are three Rarities of each particular Pack. For example, there is a Legendary Northman Pack, an Epic Northman Pack, and a Rare Northman Pack. It is possible to get each of these Packs only ONCE.

You can find these Packs at the Black Market, in the Champion tab, Champion Packs section, or at your Champion Panel.


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