A New Resource! New Settlements! New Units!

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8 October, 2015, 10:32 AM UTC

Shingård just got a lot more magical!


Magic is a special Resource that allows you to hire special Units - Magic Units!


Because it’s MAGIC! That is, a special Resource that is extracted from the Magic Mine and Magic Mills. With this Resource you can hire a special class of Units called, appropriately enough, Magic Units! When you have enough Magic, you can hire Enchanted Huntsmen, Imbued Arbalesters, Orc Bloodwitches, Eldritch Behemoths, Spitewings, Avatars of Viskarax, Drakling Rangers, and Grukk-Back Spearshooters.

If you don't remember, let us remind you: before this Magic thingy you could only hire these Units by purchasing Discount Packs, aka Special Offers. Now you can hire them by yourself - anytime! Just keep enough Magic and other Resources around and you're good to go!

These Units are awesome! While Enchanted Huntsmen, Imbued Arbalesters, Orc Bloodwitches, and Eldritch Behemoths are just awesome, the following four are unique and REALLY awesome!

The Spitewing is a swift, stealthy dragon perfect for any Scouting mission. Be forewarned that should it die, some of your Scouts will go off to explore the afterlife along with it! Though it detests open combat, it is not to be underestimated!

The Grukk-Back Spearshooter is a lethal defender, strongest among all Defensive Units, and won’t hesitate to incinerate would-be invaders before impaling them just for good measure.

The Avatar of Viskarax is the strongest of all Elves. With extra arms for improved flame-throwing, this is a powerful offensive force with a serious case of pyromania.

Drakling Ranger is absurdly fast and will provide a hefty boost to your other reconnaissance forces.


At the Magic Mine! Building the Magic Mine lets you trade Fish and Mushrooms in order to gain access to Shingård's rich deposits of pure, freshly-mined Magic. You can also get Magic instantly - by exchanging Fish, Mushrooms, and Emeralds. The amount of Resources you choose to exchange is completely up to you. If you exchange 500 Fish AND 500 Mushrooms, in 1 hour you will receive 500 Magic! The exchange ratio is always the same; however, selecting shorter periods of time will increase the speed at which your trades are returned and your Magic arrives!

You can also get Magic by participating in Tournaments! Certain Tournaments give Magic as a Reward!


You can find a new type of Settlement be either searching the Map or by entering the Settlements tab inside the Battle Menu - Magic Mills! Magic Mills work exactly like all the other Settlements yet they produce – you guessed it – Magic! However, only Lord Marshals of Level 20 or above can find Magic Mills as Björn has made it a staple of his domestic policy not to allow inexperienced Lords to play with this potentially dangerous material. Conquer and protect Magic Mills in order to get Magic!


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8 October, 2015, 11:31 AM UTC
It's about time!  sheesh....   :-)
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