New Battleground Mechanics! Advance faster through the game than ever before!

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15 September, 2015, 7:28 PM UTC
they have made it so people get more battleground each day....
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15 September, 2015, 8:26 PM UTC

Domika said:

they have made it so people get more battleground each day....

Sorry Domika, that is not entirely true.  What about those players who only kill the highest BG?

I copy:

IMPORTANT: Don’t worry, you’re not receiving any fewer Battlegrounds – in the past, you received 24 Battlegrounds with only ONE Level-up Battleground. Now you can receive 24 Battlegrounds, but with 2 Level-up Battlegrounds per day – you just have to defeat the first 12!

End of copy.

That's not how it worked.

you recieved 12 off and 12 def BG's a day.  If you play on only the highest level BG, destroyed it, you get inmediatly a level up, destroy it, get a new level up etc.

You could go 10 to 12 levels up in 24 hours.

This new way of battleground is in fact less battlegrounds level-ups a day, you can only get 1 or 2 levels up.

This is just a way to slow down certain type of BG players totally. (like i am)

Just a small calculation:

Old system 10 level up a day = 125/10 = 12 days to gain to level 125 BG

New system, 1 level-up a day = 125 days to get to level 125

or destroy all BG, = 2 level up = 62,5 days !

But on the higher levels, you don't destroy all 24 BG's you don't want to do that because you will remain with zero army if trying that.


theoretical you can get more BG a day, but less level ups a day so playing on BG to level up is drastical delayed. So what seems to be a benefit is in fact a terrible slow down in the game. What you could do in 12 days is now doable in 125 days! This is very slowing down gameprogress and a bad solution.

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16 September, 2015, 12:12 AM UTC

Perfect, that's right. Defeated all 12 BGs offense, it happens that I have not received any other since yesterday. I have 12 Bgs defense, but does not want to defeat now, I will have to wait but how long?

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16 September, 2015, 1:17 AM UTC
I use to get 20 BGs to defeat now just 12 and most are low lvl and poor pay out Liked  it the way it was, 
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16 September, 2015, 3:39 AM UTC

Domika said:

im not sure how those problems are linked to this new method with battleground we get more battleground per day now so you can progress through them faster the issue of not having enough soldiers to actually do this is no different to not having enough before 

the stealth nerf on aleworks was a cheap blow but i think it was meant to work in tandem with the new troops not dying if no ale for them although apparently this is bugged :P

they are trying to get people to fight and raid more 

Yes, the problem is that you and Plarium are wrong.

In the old bg system it was possible to "queue" bgs, and thus you could increase your max bg by up to 12 in a day.  Although you could only do this if you were a coiner, a FTP person would run out of troops after 5 or 6 normally.

Queuing is now broken, and no longer works, so what Plarium ACTUALLY did was DECREASE the number of bgs you can climb from 12 a day down to 2 a day.  So for the people already at level 125 bgs that is fine, because now it is FAR HARDER AND LONGER for new players to catch up to them.

Also, the new mechanics are still broken.  This is day 2 for me with no offensive bgs in my list.

So I am sending all my extra offensive troops at obelisks.  Can't afford ale for them now, can't do offensive bgs, may as well throw them away...
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16 September, 2015, 8:30 AM UTC

I think I got it now, one may have a max of 12 bgs in battle manu, down from 24.

I had 12 def, did one, and got 1 off, so that must be it for getting new ones.
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16 September, 2015, 2:42 PM UTC
i did not know they had removed the battlefields that were queued up :( i thought they had just added more per day this will suck then :(
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16 September, 2015, 3:48 PM UTC
Absolute bull........
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20 September, 2015, 12:24 PM UTC
9th day without any RED BGs. And counting...
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