New Items Now Available!

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11 September, 2015, 11:02 AM UTC

New Items Now Available!

Save More Fire Ale or Boost ALL Resource Production!

Listen up, Lord Marshal!

The mages have cooked up a powerful new potion and shared the benefits with all Strongholds and armies!

Check these out:

- Fire Ale Consumption Reduction. Through powerful alchemical techniques (shots of Old Man Georg’s moonshine), we’ve managed to make Fire Ale stronger, so your Units can do with 50% less! You can get 1 day’s worth, or 3 days’ worth. When you’ve got an eternal winter thing going on, keeping your Ale cellars well stocked is key!

- All Resource Production Boost. This motivational spell allows you to boost your Stronghold’s production of all three main Resources – Fish, Mushrooms, and Fire Ale – by 25%, for three days, with a single Item!

You can get your hands on them by purchasing them at the Black Market (make for the "Misc" section of the "Items" tab).

Take advantage of these handy new Items to speed up your Stronghold’s development and keep your warriors’ thirst quenched!

The sorcerers are still hard at work in their towers – keep an eye out for more crafty inventions in the coming days and weeks!

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