New Unit - The Dread Zeppelin!

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11 September, 2015, 10:19 AM UTC

New Unit - The Dread Zeppelin!

Battle Clean-Up Has Never Been So Profitable!

Lord Marshal!

All of Shingård is shaking in their boots at a truly bulbous site - the Dread Zeppelin!

Transformed by his appetite for loot, the Dread Zeppelin deflates at the prospect of offensive or defensive action but has awesome carrying capacity! Send him out after the battle is over and reap the rewards your rivals have surrendered!

To acquire this massively useful Unit simply follow these 3 steps!

1. Go to your Black Market

2. Open the "Units" tab

3. Find the Dread Zeppelin under the tab marked "Offensive" and hit "Hire".

You've just hired yourself a big, bad, Dread Zeppelin!

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