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Security update, July 30

Security update, July 30

Jul 30, 2015, 09:5407/30/15

Security update, July 30

Dear Shingårdians,

One week ago we identified a loophole in our code which made it possible for users to find players’ email addresses with the use of certain browser tools. We would like to clarify that this loophole exposed ONLY email addresses, and no other personal information – no passwords or payment details were compromised.

Unfortunately, some Lord Marshals took advantage of the exposed email addresses in order to confuse players in the game. We conducted a thorough investigation and took appropriate measures against all those who exploited this error to violate our in-game policy. 

Our specialists have already found a solution to secure players’ email address information, and it has already been implemented. Today we updated our servers so that the data will be protected; from now on nobody will be able to find out your e-mail address using browser tools.

We are thankful to all Lord Marshals who reported the problem. We appreciate your patience and collaboration.

Have fun!