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Collect Runes And Increase The Awesomeness Of Your Forces!

Collect Runes And Increase The Awesomeness Of Your Forces!

Jul 20, 2015, 15:4007/20/15

Collect Runes And Increase The Awesomeness Of Your Forces!

New Feature – RUNES!
Collect Runes And Increase The Awesomeness Of Your Forces!

Lord Marshal!

King Björn has just stumbled - quite literally - into your greatest chance of defeating your enemies – Runes!

Runes can be used to provide a powerful boost to the Offensive and Defensive statistics of your warriors. Go to the Rune Temple to Activate them now! These will work together with any other upgrades and items currently in effect.


You can enhance the Level and effectiveness of your Runes by combining any two of the same Level and type, thus granting you a new Rune of a higher Level. By repeating this process, you can upgrade your Runes up to a maximum Level of 12. The higher the Level of the Rune, the better the bonus it will grant to your warriors once activated. Upgrade the Rune Temple to upgrade Runes of higher Levels!


You can receive Rune Sacks (Sacks containing Runes) by:

  • Purchasing them at the Black Market under the "Runes" tab
  • Participating in Tournaments
  • Attacking or Defending Battlegrounds
  • Participating in Clan Missions
  • Daily Battle Roll
  • Daily Offerings
  • Other game interactions

All Rune Sacks collected will be sent to the "Activation Room" at your Rune Temple as well as “My Items” tab at the Black Market, where you can open them and collect your Runes!
To use and store Runes, you must first build the Rune Temple. All Runes gained in the game are stored in the "Activation Room" at your Rune Temple. To view a Rune’s attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To activate a Rune, place it into any open Activation Slot on the "Activation Board". Acquire a Spell of Unlocking to open more Slots at the Rune Temple. Runes are permanent bonuses, and will work until you decide to remove them.
Once applied, you can only safely remove Runes of Level 5 or higher and return them to the "Activation Room" with the help of a Removal Spell (level 5-8) or a Mighty Removal Spell (level 5-12). These Spells can be purchased at the Black Market. Removing the Runes of Level 5 or higher without the help of one of these Spells will result in the Rune being ruined! However, Runes of Levels 1-4 can be removed with the help of a constant, everlasting Spell – the Removal Spell (level 1-4).

Note: Each Removal Spell, except for the Removal Spell (level 1-4), is single-use only and may be used to remove only ONE Rune.

View the newest entries on Runes and the Rune Temple in the Game Guide for more information!

Jul 20, 2015, 17:3907/20/15
Dec 29, 2018, 16:55(edited)
tysm for inlos 
Aug 20, 2015, 21:1108/20/15

This is a Great addition to the game.  My recommendation as a player is to keep your runes at level 4 until you reach a level 10 run or greater.  This is due to the cost associated with removal scrolls.  I have all 3 rune slots available and swap out the 3 sets in offensive or defensive scenarios. 

I hope this helps your rune planning.

Have fun in the game.

Aug 21, 2015, 15:4808/21/15

I want gears or whatever they be called in NORDS ( good name for them *skittles*?? )

that be a special addition to me lolz