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New Obelisks On The Map!

New Obelisks On The Map!

Sep 26, 2016, 09:0909/26/16

New Obelisks On The Map!

New Obelisks On The Map!

Capture Them Before Your Rivals Do!

Lord Marshal!

An orc hunter was camping in the mountains when he felt a mysterious rumbling. Thinking it was time for dinner, he set out to make a fire, but the ground was already hot - and the snows were melting around him! It was no mountain at all – just a shrinking pile of slush, growing hotter with every moment! Panicking, he tackled his War Hog and they slid wildly down the ice, making various snorting noises along the way.

In the valley, he could see the Obelisk before him, finally unearthed in all its ancient glory! The spark of precious Dragonfire still lit within it, burning a hole in the Ice Queen’s wintry magic!

Many more such Obelisks have been found, and their locations are now marked on your Clan Map! Clans that take control of these Obelisks will be able to expand in their influence in Shingård and show their superiority over rival Clans!

You should know that any Clan that captures an Obelisk must defend it from a relentless onslaught of increasingly powerful waves of the undead. With each victory against the Cold Legions, your Clan will receive Elixir as a reward. This righteous magic-sauce can be used to “Infuse” your Units, reducing their Ale consumption, increasing their strength and boosting their overall awesomeness.

Find these Obelisks on the Clan Map, gather your Clan and conquer them before your rivals do!