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COMING SOON Aliens vs Predator In Soldiers Inc!

COMING SOON Aliens vs Predator In Soldiers Inc!

Nov 6, 2015, 16:2011/06/15

COMING SOON Aliens vs Predator In Soldiers Inc!

COMING SOON - Aliens vs. Predator In Plarium’s Soldiers Inc!

Plarium’s Soldiers Inc will be launching a new, 90-day collaboration with the Alien vs. Predator franchise!

- Build an upgradeable Weyland Lab outside your Base and train cloned Alien (Xenomorph) and Predator (Yautja) Units to fight alongside your army!

There are 5 new Alien Units and 5 new Predator Units available to players who unlock them. Players are free to pick one side, or use both in their armies. In addition, there are 3 ultra-powerful Units - one to boost Aliens it accompanies into battle, one to boost Predators, and one to boost both!

- Two independent campaigns will be launched!

Players will be tasked with attacking or defending AVP locations. New missions will become available every few days. Players who successfully complete these missions will get rare AVP Units, earn experience points, and unlock exclusive new storyline content.

- New Artifact sites on the Global Map!

Capture and hold these special sites to collect new Items. The new Items can be used to clone Aliens and Predators. They can also be obtained, in limited amounts, through your Lab.

- Throughout the event, special PVP tournaments will be held, pitting players’ AVP armies against each other to compete for Skulls and other valuable rewards.

Check out Soldiers Inc.and set up a Base to take part in this epic event!