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New Items Available!  All Your Items In One Place - The "My Items" Window!

New Items Available! All Your Items In One Place - The "My Items" Window!

Oct 28, 2015, 17:0910/28/15

New Items Available! All Your Items In One Place - The "My Items" Window!

New Items Available!

All Your Items In One Place - The "My Items" Window!

Lord Marshal!

King Björn has announced the release of incredible new Items to make your quest to rule Shingård easier than ever before!

Take a look!

 - Auto Unit Hider. This Item provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your newly returned and trained Units have automatically been secured in your Catacombs. The duration of time this Item is good for depends on the version you choose. Get the "Auto Unit Hider" with the hourly amount you desire. The choice is yours!

 - Instant Recall. Have you ever desired to take back a decision? Then this Item is for you! With Instant Recall your decision to send your Units to a strongly defended Stronghold can be reversed before they arrive, thus sparing your warriors to fight another day! Regardless of how far away your Units are, so long as they have not yet arrived at their destination you can instantly recall them to your Stronghold with Instant Recall. Because why learn the hard way?

 - Offerings Refresher. This Item allows you to get new Offerings! If you have completed all of your Offerings, just use this Item to get a fresh set of new ones!

New Items have been made available at the Black Market; the "Auto Unit Hider", "Instant Recall", and the "Offerings Refresher" are now available! Go and check them out in "Items" tab, within the "Misc." section.

Even more awesome news – introducing the “My Items” window! All Items you purchase in the game – or those that you receive as a reward - can now be found in a single place. The “My Items” window can be found in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Within the “My Items” window, there are a few tabs:

* Active Items. This tab displays all Items you currently have active (e.g. Auto Unit Hider)

* Warfare. This tab contains all Items that influence your Units’ statistics or performance.

* Resources. This tab contains all Items that influence Resource production.

* Stronghold. This tab will contain your Extra Thralls. Moreover, once the King’s elves are finished polishing up this section, it will display all Items related to the development of your Stronghold.

* Misc. This tab will contain all other Items that can be obtained within the game.

Keep your eye on the prize, Lord Marshal – new advances are always being made up in the Frozen North, and innovative new bone-crushing items are sure to be made available soon!


Loyal Bard to his Awesomeness King Björn, the Handsome and Charming

Oct 29, 2015, 11:0410/29/15
is this now a bug, that there is no longer a red Signal if somebody is attack since update yesterday?
Nov 2, 2015, 13:1011/02/15

ok only the first attack after the update was invisible...

but why are it gives scrolls for instant recall if doubleklick has the same efect and you are not asking for giving 300 emeralds away?