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Total Domination

Total Domination

May 21, 2016, 06:1105/21/16

Total Domination

Hi Commanders,

Do here anyone play Total Domination game in this website ????

I play that game. and i have a clan,combine,Brotherhood, or something what ever its called here . it is ranked 68 in 5 months The name of it is Blue Devils .if any play that please join that clan and help us in moving more fast . and making that a large and strong one. I have done the same in every game forum because the players who play this game not only this game they play various games as plarium gave us opportunity to play 6 games ,

so if any one play that game please join us if u like

if u play and want to join us u can contract me even here by messaging me with your coords, i will send u a invitation to join


If u like my Idea Like this :)

will be waiting for u guys