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Suggestions that will not be implemented in the game

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21 July, 2016, 2:51 PM UTC

Lord Marshalls, welcome to the thread where we list the improvements suggested by our valued players that unfortunately will not be implemented for various reasons.

Please read this thread before posting your own suggestion.

1. Exchanging or trading things (Artifacts, special equipment, etc.) These are individual gains and bonuses. We do not want players to take advantage of someone else’s achievements and hard work. This would also create more opportunities for people to abuse the game, for example, by trading in-game goods for real money.

2. Adding a 15-minute protection on Stashes. Nords: Heroes of the North is a highly competitive war strategy game. Players would use this feature to avoid any fights on Stashes just by sending Units each 15 minutes. In this game, you need to fight for everything! Without battles the game would lose its sense.

3. Removing Attack Limits. We need to keep the force in balance. Players with huge armies will get too many advantages if we remove the limits. Besides, there is a special Clan Diplomatic Status - At War. Clans in the State of War with other Clans are not bound by any Attack Limits when attacking each other’s Emitters. However, we will increase the limits when the game evolves enough to keep the balance with higher limits.

4. Boosting Unit training time with Thralls. Your Thralls have a single purpose in the game, and that is to upgrade your Buildings. They all have their individual tasks to work on and cannot join their forces and work on one Building at the same time just like they cannot perform any other functions.

5. Using Thralls for Blood Pacts. The time the Blood Pacts should take is the result of through calculations, and thus it cannot be changed without affecting the game balance.

6. Making Dread Zeppelins available for Resources or Magic. Dread Zeppelin was primarily developed to help with farming non-active Strongholds. It is virtually useless as an offensive unit, even against light defense, and that was intentional. It serves the same function as a larger number of free units. It simply makes the process less of a hassle.

7. Allowing Clan Leaders to transfer their Clan members’ troops from one Obelisk to another. Troops are the property of their Lord Marshalls, and controlling other players’ armies is against our rules.

8. Setting an automatic State of War status between the two Clans when an Obelisk is attacked. Setting the State of War automatically is not a good idea. This could be against some Clans’ policies. Besides, there could be some Clan members whose actions do not align with their Clan’s intentions not to attack certain Clans. We believe that such cases should be solved through negotiations, and if two Clans agree that it is time for War, they they can start it.

9. Showing activated Items in Battle Reports. This task is technically complicated and requires some major changes to the Battle Reports’ UX and UI. Moreover, it requires some more space on the server to store additional information.

10. Adding a “Confirmation” button on Boots of Hastening. We will soon add the option to choose the amount of Boots of Hastening you want to use, so there will be fewer situations requiring extra clicks.

11. Increasing the limit on Resource you can send. Current limits were set for a reason. Increasing them could also increase the amount of alternative accounts abusing this feature.

12. Providing a possibility to receive Battle Reports from Clan Members. Not all of our players would like to share their reports with the whole Clan. We came up with an idea to create a possibility to send Help requests to your Clan. So it will no longer be necessary to see someone’s reports.

13. Separating big numbers with commas. This would require a lot of changes to the game interface.

14. In-game translator. Unfortunately, it is technically complicated to implement such a feature in a Flash-based game. However, we have decided to add the possibility to copy messages from the chat, so you will be able to translate them using your favorite translator.

15. List of possible Items in Hero Chests. It is technically complicated since we have a lot of Items in the game, and we are planning to add more. It is possible that there will be some changes to the Items list in the future.

16. An opportunity to trade Runes, buy certain Runes or exchange them. Runes were designed as your personal Items, so you cannot exchange or trade them. We understand your wish to get higher-level Runes as soon as possible, but you will need some time and luck to get them. Randomness is an essential component of the feature that serves a purpose. 

17. Allowing Clan Leaders to send their Clan members’ troops from Obelisks back to their owners. Troops are the property of their Lord Marshalls, and controlling other players’ armies is against our rules. Moreover, some players may use this possibility to harm a Clan or pass Obelisks to other Clans.

18. Add Friends search. We are limited in creating dynamic features because we use Flash technology for our games. However, we are working on some features which may allow us to create dynamic interface in future. So this suggestion may be reconsidered.

19. Add building queue for Buildings, like the one we have for Units. Our game developers have planned a certain game dynamics. To progress in the game, you need to log in, make some actions. Things can't develop without your presence.

20. Add Battle results preview to reports. This suggestion was declined, because battle reports' UI doesn't have enough space to add this information. So adding it there would require too many changes. 

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