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Achievement: Heroes of Shingård

Achievement: Heroes of Shingård

Aug 27, 2015, 13:1508/27/15

Achievement: Heroes of Shingård

Lord Marshal!

Would you and your Clanmates like to be named “Heroes of Shingård?” Well, it’s easier than you think!

To earn this Achievement, every Warrior from your Clan must ruthlessly demand Daily Offerings from the peasantry!

“Heroes of Shingård” has 10 levels to complete:

1) 11,700 Daily Offerings

2) 28,800 Daily Offerings

3) 43,200 Daily Offerings

4) 57,600 Daily Offerings

5) 99,000 Daily Offerings

6) 132,000 Daily Offerings

7) 187,500 Daily Offerings

8) 225,000 Daily Offerings

9) 262,500 Daily Offerings

10) 300,000 Daily Offerings

Don’t go easy on the commoners just because they’re poor and oppressed! They’re out strolling through mushroom gardens, while you’re out risking your life in the zombie-infested frozen wasteland!

300,000 Daily Offerings must be demanded by you and your Clanmates! How long will it take to amass such a wealth of gifts? Let’s see:

The maximum number of Daily Offerings is 75. And the maximum number of Warriors in your Clan is 120 (100 from the main squad and 20 from the Academy). That means your Clan can demand 75*120= 9,000 Daily Offerings each day.

Divide 300,000 (Daily Offerings) by 9,000 (per day), and you get 34 days!

That’s it, Lord Marshal! You need only 34 days to earn the “Heroes of Shingård” Achievement.

Best of luck to you and your Clan! Go out and tyrannize the citizenry! 

Sep 2, 2015, 19:2309/02/15
Dec 29, 2018, 16:45(edited)
if your 120 clan member are level 123.