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Project Exile is a new fantasy survival experience for mobile. We need you.

Project Exile is a new fantasy survival experience for mobile. We need you.

Dec 12, 2017, 15:5912/12/17

Project Exile is a new fantasy survival experience for mobile. We need you.

Project Exile is a new fantasy survival experience for mobile. A small Plarium team working in Kharkiv are hoping to bring their vision to life, to grow the Stormfall franchise and realize new opportunities for our players.

Will you join us in exile? Follow this link to find out more:

1. “What is Project Exile?”

Project Exile is a new mobile fantasy survival experience set in the Stormfall universe. A small Plarium team in Kharkiv are working to bring this new idea to life, inspired by the story of Age of War and Rise of Balur and wanting to see it continued in a whole new way.

Right now, we are at the building blocks stage and this is why we are reaching out to our community. We want to invite you to get exclusive looks at our development journey and to have your voices heard every step of the way.

2. "Are people from the current game teams also working on this?"

Nope! Our development teams are on separate tracks and do not share development resources.

Most of the game's core assets will be off-the-shelf from the Unity store, and then modified as we have time and resources.

This game is also in a completely different genre (it's not a strategy game), with different gameplay, powered by a different engine. The only real overlap is that we're dusting off concept art and reference lore for Stormfall that has been sitting unused on our server for years.

3. "What will happen to the current Stormfall games? Will this affect the game I am playing?”

Nothing will change - both will continue on as before and Exile will occupy its own corner of the Stormfall world.

"Ok. So, why are you showing this to us exactly?”

Because you know this world better than anyone, and can probably tell us if the game sucks or not.

4. "How can I help in the development process?"

This is an awesome question! Right now, we want any and all feedback over on our Project Exile Facebook page. We will be updating weekly with the latest in our journey, and knowing what you guys think about it is paramount to making sure we make the game properly.

5. "Can I link my account in the new game?"

No. While it would be cool to connect them, we don't have the resources to make that happen (We don't even know if this game will come out or not).

6. "Do I get anything extra for being a Plarium player already?"

Yes. Maybe. Hopefully. Does "first look" count? If the game survives the next few stages of development (and if you follow our dev blog) we plan to invite our blog community to be in the first Closed Alpha launch of the game. This will probably only be for Lords and Ladies with Android devices.

7. “When will this release?”

Right now the game is still in early development - meaning, we don’t know yet. Follow our Project Exile page for the latest news, including information on future release dates!