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Calling all Chiefs!

Calling all Chiefs!

Feb 7, 2017, 16:5202/07/17

Calling all Chiefs!

Calling all Chiefs!

We will soon be publishing a new article on the Plarium Blog about how the most successful Chiefs operate!

To help us write the article, we are looking for expert opinions from the toughest Lords Marshal around. If you are a Chief, we would be really grateful if you could answer the following questions:

- How would you describe your leadership style?

- What advice or tips would you give to other Chiefs or people looking to start their own Clan?

If you’d like us to include your name and your Clan’s name in the article, let us know in your comment!

Mar 23, 2017, 20:4103/23/17

gday :)

Chief of Storm Riders (SRS) - Our clan has been in top 3 for past year and in FIRST place for much of that time :)

I would describe my leadership style as "Air Traffic Controller" -- Its my job to gather as much info as possible and pass it to the appropriate parties to act on (and hope there are no fatal accidents).

Tips: Pick your advisers carefully (and listen to them), Listen to your clans wants and needs and act on them, Be firm but fair, keep your clan active with goal setting, diplomacy is your BEST weapon, communication is your best defense, set realistic YET attainable goals, look for allies, remember no matter how strong you are- there is someone stronger, avoid rash decisions, and of course HAVE FUN :)

You may add my name and clan :)